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Why was my bus late/early?

Schedule times are based on typical driving conditions and may vary. Please arrive at your stop a few minutes early to allow for any fluctuations in schedule. 

While we strive to provide a reliable service, several unavoidable and uncontrollable factors can affect our service from time to time. Delays and/or irregularities of service can occur due to traffic conditions, weather conditions, accidents, mechanical difficulties, construction, detours, and ridership variances.

We are very interested in knowing about consistent patterns where buses are late or early. If this is the case based on the information you provide we will carefully examine your concerns and forward it to the appropriate division. Should you wish to bring a specific incident for our investigation, please complete the following Customer Service Form.

How do I know if my bus has been cancelled or is delayed?

OC Transpo is committed to providing reliable service, but with over 10,000 trips scheduled each day, delays and cancellations are bound to happen. Several unavoidable factors can affect the service – unexpected traffic conditions, poor weather, mechanical difficulties, accidents, construction, detours and changes in ridership can all contribute to delays and cancellations. We realize that this can be frustrating, but it is merely a fact of being on the road.

When we are faced with a decision about whether to cancel a trip, we evaluate its priority level. In particular, we try to avoid cancellations on routes where no alternatives are available. These include rural, school, express, last trips and infrequent service routes.

We make every attempt to fill the gap in the schedule using other available vehicles. If none are available, a bus on a high frequency Transitway route will usually be re-directed to fill the trip. When we cancel buses on high frequency routes such as the 95, we are shortening the delay time for you, as another bus will be along shortly.

If a bus has to be re-directed, we are careful to distribute the impact so that the same trip is not affected repeatedly.

Trip cancellations are publicized widely as soon as a decision is made. To find out the status of your bus at any time, please use our MyTransit iPhone app, the 560560 text message service, call 560-1000, follow us on Twitter, subscribe to e-mail and SMS alerts, visit Mobi, or refer to the mobile travel planner.

Why is my bus overcrowded?

During peak hours (approximately 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.), our services may be over passenger capacity and may result in passengers having to stand.  Regrettably, we cannot guarantee each passenger a seat, as seating is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. At times overcrowding is caused by the cancellation of a trip scheduled slightly earlier than your trip, on the same bus route.

We are particularly interested in knowing about repeat problems, where overcrowding occurs at the same time and location each day. Please complete the following Customer Service Form for our investigation.

I was waiting for my bus on Albert/Slater. Why did the bus not stop for me?

As congestion in downtown Ottawa steadily increased over the past decade, OC Transpo introduced changes to alleviate delays to service. A "one-stop" policy was implemented. Customers are asked to stand near the middle of the passenger waiting area, watch for their chosen bus route number and proceed to where the bus stops. Several buses will pull in together and make one stop, open their doors for boarding from their position in line, and then pull out together. This will help speed up boarding and improve service efficiency and reliability.

Customers who may have difficulty boarding along the platform, may choose to wait at the bus stop flag and signal the bus to make a stop. In some locations, such as the eastbound platform of Mackenzie King Station, this accessible boarding location is marked with an International Symbol of Access (ISA), the stylized picture of a person using a wheelchair. Bus operators have been reminded to watch for customers at these locations.

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