Bus and O-Train Vehicles

Bus and O-Train Vehicles FAQ


The bus was too warm/cold, can I ask the bus operator to adjust the temperature?

Operators can turn the bus heating system "on" or "off"; however, drivers cannot adjust the thermostat to regulate the temperature in the passengers' cabin.  The heating system in the passenger compartment is thermostatically controlled and set for 16 degrees Celsius to achieve a reasonable passenger comfort level for all periods of the day and night. This is preset in the garage prior to the cooler weather; however, the actual setting can vary throughout the winter as it can be affected by outdoor temperature and humidity.

Can I board the bus at the back door?

If you pay with cash, bus tickets, O-Train ticket or top up a pass, you need to board by the front door and the operator will give you a transfer as your Proof of Payment (POP) receipt, which you would keep for the duration of your trip. Pass holders who don't need a POP receipt may board articulated buses by the rear doors.

Do all buses have air conditioning?

Yes. All of our buses are equipped with air conditioning.

Can I bring large objects such as strollers, suitcases, skis, etc. on the bus  or O-Train?

Customers are asked to hold large objects securely and not block the aisle. Drivers are not required to assist passengers with packages or other large objects.

Large items like suitcases, skis, skates and snowboards are not prohibited, but will only be allowed when there is less than a seated load and a passenger carrying these items will be asked to move to the rear of the bus. The Transit By-law states that large objects are permitted on the public transit vehicles as long as they are not a safety hazard. This is fully at the discretion of the operator.

Caregivers carrying a child in a stroller are asked to:

  • put the stroller in a space designated for wheelchairs if there is one available;
  • if a wheelchair position is not available, open strollers are allowed in the aisle unless they interfere with other passengers or with the safe movement of transit users; 
  • if this happens, the operator may ask the customer to fold the stroller (this is current practice);
  • if an open stroller is in a wheelchair area and someone with a wheelchair requires that space, the stroller will be required to move.

As always, customers can fold and stow their strollers upon boarding. By doing so, they can sit in the Cooperative Seating area with their child on their lap.

There may be times when a customer with a stroller is declined access on the bus, such as when the bus is at a full load capacity and/or the stroller would create a hazard by interfering with other customers or the safe movement of customers on the bus.

The back doors did not open for me, why?

Different mechanisms exist on our buses depending on the model and manufacturer. Please be sure you read the signs posted at the door, which describe how the door is meant to operate.

Rest assured that every type of bus and door design has successfully passed a rigorous safety and operating check. Please ask the operator for assistance if you encounter difficulties with the door mechanism.

On the OC Transpo low-floor "Invero" buses, the mechanism for activating the doors is inside the yellow bars attached to the doors. Please ensure you continue to hold this bar until you've exited the bus. Once the doors are open the passenger controls the amount of time they remain open. They will not remain open on their own. This allows the doors to close after the minimum amount of time so the bus can continue in service without delay.

Who do I contact to report Litter/ garbage / graffiti or damage on the bus?

If you would like to report damage, litter, garbage or graffiti on the bus, please call customer service or fill out this Customer Service Form. We will ensure the issue is dealt with as soon as possible.

How can I tell if the bus has a Low-floor ramp?

All of OC Transpo buses and the O-Train are low-floor equipped and 100% accessible. The buses can accommodate mobility aids up to 27 inches wide and have a ramp which can "kneel" to facilitate embarking.

If you had a problem with the ramp working on the low floor bus, please fill out this Customer Service Form.

Who is responsible for advertising on the buses?

All ads inside and outside OC Transpo buses are handled by an advertising agency contracted by The City of Ottawa. This agency books the space and ensures that ads conform to the Canadian Advertising Standards before accepting them. OC Transpo normally gets involved only if we receive complaints about specific ads.

For advertising on our buses, please contact Pattison Outdoor Advertising at 613-521-1001.

Can I bring my pet on the bus?

All OC Transpo and Para Transpo customers are allowed to board with small pets. Only registered service animals may be brought onto a transit vehicle outside of a pet carrier, as long as they are kept on a short leash or harness. Small service animals must be contained in a cage or pouch, or kept on a short leash or harness on their owner’s lap. Read more about our small pets policy

Let OC Know

If you feel harrassed let OC Transpo know by calling Transecure or submitting an anonymous online report.

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