Bus Stops and Shelters

Bus Stops

OC Transpo maintains approximately 5740 bus stops in Ottawa. Bus stop locations in most communities are well-established, and have existed for many years, even decades. But locations can change from time to time - usually due to road construction or changes to a bus route.

Many things go into any decision to locate or move a bus stop, including:

  • bus access
  • safety and security
  • passenger access
  • visibility
  • comfort
  • proximity to major buildings
  • location of prior and next bus stops
  • impact on other vehicle traffic

If you have a question or request concerning your bus stop location, please contact us by completing this form.

Shelters and Benches

Shelters and benches are provided at the busiest locations. OC Transpo bus stops include approximately 1,400 passenger shelters and 1,500 benches. The main criteria for determining where to locate a shelter are:

  • number of boarding passengers
  • location's exposure to the weather
  • waiting time between buses
  • whether or not the location is a major transfer point
  • sightlines for pedestrians and traffic
  • nearby major buildings
  • availability of physical space at the site
  • access to underground utilities

We keep an ongoing file of locations where shelters and benches have been requested, and also rank each site according to the criteria above.

All shelters are provided and maintained by OC Transpo. Many shelters have advertising panels that are sold and maintained by a private company.

Many benches are provided and maintained by a private company who sells advertising space on the bench.

Contact us by completing this form, if you have a question or request concerning benches or shelter locations.


Bus shelters are cleaned on a regular basis by OC Transpo staff. If there's a problem with a particular shelter that's gone unnoticed, please let us know by completing this form and we'll take care of the issue.

Garbage Cans

Most garbage cans are the City of Ottawa's responsibility. At Transitway stations and major terminals such as Carlingwood, OC Transpo maintains the garbage cans. Also, the contractor responsible for advertising-style benches supplies and maintains garbage cans at many locations. City of Ottawa maintains garbage cans along city streets, including bus stops locations and they can be reached by dialing 3-1-1.

Snow Clearing

Clearing snow from sidewalks and bus stops is the City of Ottawa's responsibility, Transitway stations are maintained by OC Transpo. Roads are cleared first, followed by sidewalks. Bus stops and other larger areas are done last.

Built For Safety

Confederation Line stations and trains have been carefully designed to provide a safe environment.

Built For Safety: Find out more

Transit is a shared space

and everyone is entitled to a safe and harassment-free ride.

Proof of payment (POP) logo with a POP transfer

Be ready for fare inspection

Aboard double-deckers, articulated buses and the O-Train, and on the O-Train platform

Keep your PRESTO card, monthly pass, POP transfer ticket or DayPass at hand and be prepared to show it to fare inspectors on request.

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