Doing business with OC Transpo

Selling Services and Materials to OC Transpo

OC Transpo's purchasing is done through the City of Ottawa Supply Management Division.

City Of Ottawa

613-580-2424 ext. 25186

Becoming a Vendor of OC Transpo Tickets and Passes


OC Transpo wants to ensure that their tickets and passes are sold throughout the Ottawa area. It is important to have vendors that are accessible to all communities.

To help ensure that administrative costs are kept at a minimum, vendors will be selected based on location. If a vendor already exists within a short distance of your business, your request to become a vendor may be turned down.

For information on whether or not your business will be considered to sell OC Transpo Tickets and passes call 613-842-3619.

If your business location is selected, then your business will need to fill out an application form and a credit check will be done on your business.

Following this a contract will be signed between your business and OC Transpo. Your business will earn a 1% commission on sold tickets and passes.

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