Transit Driver Appreciation Day is March 18

Join us in celebrating our hard-working bus drivers and rail operators

Bus driver with smiling customer

Did you know that a simple smile, wave or “thank you” can make an operator’s day?

OC Transpo, Para Transpo and O-Train Operators are on the road seven days a week and often drive in very complex traffic and weather conditions to safely get you where you need to go.

Whether it’s driving you to appointments, work, school or social gatherings, or providing a warm shelter during emergencies, our operators are always here for you.

Smiling driver in a bus

From Friday, March 16 to Sunday, March 18, we invite you to let your operator know you care:

  • Tell them “thanks.”
  • Tweet your story using the twitter handle @OC_Transpo and the hashtag #tdad (a.k.a.Transit Driver Appreciation Day).
  • Print off a thank you card that can be downloaded on, and give it to your operator.
  • Email your story by filling out a Customer Feedback Form.
  • Call our Customer Service Centre at 613-842-3600 and tell them about your positive experience.

Perhaps your operator gave you a warm greeting at the end of a long day, or transported you home safely on a stormy night – by smiling, saying thank you or sending us your story, you can make your operator’s day!

Recent tweets of support our operators have received #tdad

I wanted to give a shoutout to @OC_Transpo driver on route 62 (bus 6822 *I THINK) – She was kind, courteous, respectfully answered every question from passengers (& there were MANY) Thank you!

Just want to publicly acknowledge the amazing bus driver I had this am (#97 bus #6683). She treated a homeless man so so much dignity, respect and kindness, that it brought tears to my eyes. We should all treat each other this way!

I was feeling very low this morning so thank you @OC_Transpo driver for waiting for me to get on the bus when I was running for it. Simple acts of kindness can really change someones day. Bus number was 6594 and it was at 10:04am if that helps the driver in some way get recognition

Bus driver smiling

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Courtesy and Respect

Transit is a shared space and everyone is entitled to a safe and harassment-free ride.

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