Automated System (IVR)

The IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system is an automated tool that lets you review your booked trips for today or tomorrow without having to speak to Para Transpo staff. The system also allows you to cancel trips for today or tomorrow. This can be done at any time of day, even when no personnel are present in the Para Transpo office.Senior lady talking on the phone

The IVR automated system is available to all Para Transpo customers. It is easy to use from any touchtone telephone. To get started, just follow the instructions below.

Please dial 613-842-3648 and follow the instructions.

  • The system will ask for your Para Transpo identification (registration) number.
  • The system will then ask for your password. Initially your password has been set as your date of birth (year/month/day).
    For example:
         •  If you were born on May 6, 1945, you would enter 19450506 as your password; or
         •  If you were born on December 31, 1968, you would enter 19681231.

The system allows you to change the password via one of the functions on the telephone menu after you have successfully logged onto the system by first using your date of birth as the password.

If you change your password and forget what you changed it to, or if you need assistance, you can call the Para Transpo office at 613-244-1289.

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