Facility Accessibility Improvements

OC Transpo has made several changes to our transit stations and facilities since 2010, with the goal of removing barriers and improving access for customers with disabilities.

Some examples include:

  • Installed 79 new power doors at 17 Transitway stations (Bayshore, Billings Bridge, Blair, Greenboro, Heron, Lincoln Fields, Lycée Claudel, Mackenzie King, Place d’Orléans, Pleasant Park, Riverside, St-Laurent, Smyth, South Keys, Tunney’s Pasture, Walkley and Westboro) to enhance access to stations and shelters.
  • Lowered shelter heating controls, emergency call boxes and most Bell pay phones at all stations to make them more accessible to customers using an assistive device.
  • Replaced older wooden stair handrails at 11 stations with circular handrails (Billings Bridge, Greenboro, Heron, Lincoln Fields, Lycée Claudel, Place d’Orléans, Queensway, Riverside, Smyth, Walkley & Westboro), and made adjustments to handrails at three additional locations (Bayshore, Pleasant Park and South Keys) to improve ease of use, grasp and visibility.
  • Improved stair surfaces and nosings at Place d’Orléans and Pleasant Park stations to enhance visibility and grip.
  • Removed benches, garbage cans and other items that were blocking access to paths, power door buttons, phones, call boxes and heating controls.
  • Rebuilt the exterior pathway and stairs leading from Data Centre Road to Heron Station.
  • Incorporated ramps into the design of Longfields Station to provide an accessible alternative to elevators.
  • Installed tactile walking surface indicators at the edge of all O-Train platforms.
  • Expanded accessible parking areas and passenger pick-up/drop-off zones at the Eagleson, Greenboro, Place d’Orléans, Terry Fox and Trim Park & Rides, providing improved access to stations and platforms for persons with disabilities. The number of parking spaces was increased from 47 to 86 fully accessible spaces, with adjacent access aisles and curb ramps.
  • Added a short-term accessible parking space and a passenger pick-up/drop-off zone at Lincoln Fields Station.
  • Enhanced lighting at 17 stations (Bayshore, Dominion, Greenboro, Heron, Iris, Lincoln Fields, Lycée Claudel, Place d’Orléans, Pleasant Park, Queensway, St-Laurent, Smyth, South Keys, Terry Fox, Walkley Stations, Westboro and Queensway), improving visibility on platforms, in stairwells and at elevators.
  • Modernized 32 elevators to bring them up to current accessibility standards.
  • Lowered customer service counters and added hearing loop systems at the Lincoln Fields, Place d’Orléans and Rideau Centre Customer Service Centres, to provide enhanced service to customers with disabilities.
  • Added 40 new benches, with armrests and backrests, to the exterior platforms at four stations (Elmvale, Hurdman, Lincoln Fields and St-Laurent) to provide more comfortable and more accessible seating options for customers year-round.

Additional improvements are planned in the future, including:

  • Modernizing some older on-street bus stops and facilities to reflect the City’s new accessible design standards.
  • Making Transitway station bench and seating improvements.

If there is a barrier preventing you or other customers from using one of our transit stations or facilities, please contact us and let us know.

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