Para Transpo information sessions about service changes and online booking

On January 9 and January 13, 2018, OC Transpo hosted two Customer Information Sessions and Online Booking Workshops. Below is the information that was presented at the sessions. As well, you will find the questions or comments by topic that we received from the sessions in person, on submission forms, or through e-mail, as well as the answers from OC Transpo. As you can imagine, with almost 300 questions and answers, it has taken us a while to finalize. We thank you for your patience.


Workshop questions

Questions and answers by subject


Should you have any additional comments regarding the information above, please feel free to send to OC Transpo Community Engagement at We will review and consider additional comments and questions regarding the potential online booking system received at this email; however, please note you will not receive a direct response.

Thank you for your interest in Para Transpo.

Let OC Know

If you feel harassed let OC Transpo know by calling Transecure or submitting an anonymous online report.

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Where Will I Buy My Fare?

Ticket machines at all O-Train stations will provide a full range of fare payment options.

Where Will I Buy My Fare?: Find out more

Where Will It Go?

The O-Train Confederation Line will connect 13 stations from Tunney’s Pasture in the west to Blair in the east.

Where Will It Go?: Find out more

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