Para Transpo Advance Booking Process

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On June 19, 2013, OC Transpo presented a report to the Transit Commission related to Para Transpo advance booking.  The report recommendations were formed based on feedback that you provided as part of the stakeholder consultations organised by Para Transpo which took place between November 2012 and January 2013. Industry research on the booking practices of para transit systems throughout Canada also helped inform the recommendations.  The report recommendations were as follows:

  1. Implement Interactive Voice Response (IVR) booking and online booking methods; and,
  2. Introduce a 7-day advance booking process.

The Transit Commission approved the first report recommendation and postponed consideration of the second recommendation to its November 2013 meeting.  OC Transpo staff was directed to further consult with Para Transpo customers and stakeholders to seek your opinion on the possibility of reserving a percentage of bookings from the seven-day advance booking process for last minute day-before bookings. 

Your feedback will ensure that OC Transpo and the Transit Commission understand your opinions and recommendations before a final decision is made with respect to Para Transpo’s booking process.

Benefits of a 7-day advance booking process:

  1. Will help alleviate the concerns and frustrations that customers experience as a result of not knowing whether transportation has been secured until the day before their travel. 
  2. Customers will have more lead time to make alternate transportation arrangements if they cannot book a trip with Para Transpo.
  3. More opportunities to secure a trip that has been cancelled by other customers in the 7-day advance booking period.

Shortfalls of a 7-day advance booking process:

  1. Limited room for last minute day before bookings, as the capacity to offer trips may be reached early on in the 7-day period (customers will likely book their trips as early as possible in order to secure their preferred trip time).
  2. Unaccommodated trips will be experienced by all customers, regardless of the type of vehicle they require.

Benefit of reserving a percentage of trips for last-minute day-before bookings:

  1. Allow some customers the flexibility of booking last minute trips that take place the following day.

Shortfall of reserving a percentage of trips for last-minute day-before bookings:

  1. More trips requests will be refused in the earlier days of the 7-day advance booking process then what is currently experienced.
  2. Some customers will have to call Para Transpo more often in the 7-day period in order to try and secure a trip or make several attempts on-line or via the IVR booking process

We appreciate you taking the time to answer the following questions by Friday, September 13, 2013.  Accessible formats and communication supports are available upon request.

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