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Para Transpo accepts PRESTO monthly passes

Para Transpo accepts PRESTO cards loaded with a monthly pass. As Para Transpo vehicles are not equipped with PRESTO card readers, Para Transpo cannot accept the PRESTO e-Purse to pay per trip.

This fare payment option is ideal if you regularly purchase a monthly pass and travel on both Para Transpo and OC Transpo.

Proof of Payment

When you travel on Para Transpo with a PRESTO monthly pass, you will need to show the operator your PRESTO card AND “proof of payment” as described below.

In person

Visit an OC Transpo Customer Service Centre or a City of Ottawa Client Service Centre and ask for a “query receipt” when loading a monthly pass onto your card, as shown in the sample.

SPOS Accepted Customer receipt sample thumbnail

By phone

When you call to load your monthly pass onto your PRESTO card, please ask the agent to send you a receipt of purchase. 


Go to your account on and print the “Card Summary” page. Or, if you subscribe to automatic renewal of your monthly pass, print the “Period Pass Autorenew” page, as shown in the samples below.

“Card Summary” page

Thumbnail of the PRESTO Card summary screen

Your new balance or monthly pass will be transferred to your card the next time you tap.

“Period Pass Autorenew” page

Thumbnail of the PRESTO period pass autorenew screen


If you travel with a companion, they may also pay their fare with a PRESTO monthly pass and proof of payment.

Collection of Personal Information

Your PRESTO card number and name will be collected by the Para Transpo operator for the purposes of administering the use of PRESTO cards for Para Transpo services, and to verify that your PRESTO card is loaded with a valid monthly pass. Questions about this collection may be directed by mail to:

Program Manager, Para Transpo,
925 Belfast Rd.,
Ottawa ON
K1G 0Z4,

or by telephone at 613-842-3681 (TTY: 613-244-4833).

Para Transpo Electronic Fare Payment System

Para Transpo is in the midst of developing an account based electronic fare payment system for Para Transpo customers that will provide convenient, simple and flexible tools to pay for trips.  As the new system is account based, there will be no need to carry a card.  The system will integrate with Para Transpo’s scheduling and reservation software and provide options to purchase monthly passes and to pay per trip.  

For more information about Para Transpo accepting PRESTO monthly passes on Para Transpo, please call 613-741-4390 (TTY 613-741-5280).

For more information about PRESTO, visit

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