Trip Planning

It is always best to plan your trip before you leave. NOTE: All of the buses and the O-Train are fully accessible.

Use the following on-line trip-planning tools to plan your bus or O-Train travel:

Quick Planner
A tool used for quickly discovering the best times and routes of travel. Just type in your origin and destination; select your date and time of travel and voila - you have your trip plan.     

Advanced Planner
Offers a variety of extra options such as categories/lists of Landmarks; specifying ‘Rack & Roll' trips, etc.  

Route Schedules
Use this alternate scheduling tool to find complete schedules for all stops on a particular bus route. Just input your route number into the field provided.

Stop Times
To view all the stop times for a particular bus or train stop, you can use this alternate scheduling tool. Just input your 4-digit stop number (found on the flag located at the desired stop) into the field provided.   

If you feel more comfortable speaking with someone, call the Access OC Hotline at 613-842-3625 (TTY: 613-741-5280) and speak to our staff about your travel needs.

When trip planning, please keep in mind:

  • If your access to certain stations depends on elevators, check elevator status before leaving home.
  • If you are already at a station, our pay telephones provide free, one-button access to Transit Information for travel planning assistance. Just press the "Info" button on any phone in the station and you will be connected to OC Transpo staff.

Courtesy and Respect

Transit is a shared space and everyone is entitled to a safe and harassment-free ride.

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