Cooperative Seating Videos

OC Transpo and Algonquin College challenged students from the television broadcasting and public relations programs to use their technical and creative skills to produce an online commercial to promote the cooperative seating program, which reminds riders to leave seats at the front of the bus free for people who cannot stand in a moving vehicle.

The top three videos were:

  1. Shotgun 
  2. Don't let courtesy become a thing of the past 
  3. Stand up for those who can't 

The winning video, Shotgun, depicts an enthusiastic, ‘shotgun' calling passenger being trumped on an OC Transpo bus by other priority riders.

Winning Video: "Shotgun"

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NOTE: To enlarge the screen in the video, please click on the arrow within the box: arrow To close the screen once it is enlarged, just click on the "ESC' key on your keyboard.

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