Ticket Machines

Ticket machines are located at all O-Train Stations except Bayview.

How to use the ticket machines

Ticket machine

You will be able to use the ticket machines to easily buy a single-ride ticket, a DayPass or load your Presto Card to use right away.

You can pay with cash, debit, or credit. Ticket machines cannot accept $100-bills.

You can also use the ticket machine to buy and load a new Presto card, or check the status and balance on your current card.

You cannot use your Presto e-Purse to make a purchase from the ticket machine.

Some Presto services are not available on the ticket machines:

  • Register your Presto card
  • Hotlist (block) your Presto card if lost or stolen
  • Transfer your balance to a new card if it is lost or stolen
  • Set up Autoload or Auto Renew
  • Get your Presto usage report for tax purposes
  • Set a fare discount on a Presto card (for example: for Senior, Youth or EquiPass discounts)

Video chat help

We're here to help iconTouch the "We're here to help button" on the screen to start chatting with a Customer Service agent. Use the video chat help for :

  • Guidance through your fare purchase
  • Getting through the fare gates if you have valid fare that isn’t machine-readable
  • Answers to all your fare-related questions

Using audio support to access video-chat help

Plug your headphones into the audio jack. You will find the jack below the bottom left corner of the touch screen. The jack is labelled AUDIO in raised text and Braille.

Follow the audio prompts. Use the payment PIN pad to control the Ticket Machine. You will find the PIN pad indented into the far right of the machine.