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A new look for!

Image - A new look for!

In response to customer feedback and to make our services more accessible to customers who are on-the-go, we are redesigning Keep an eye out, the refreshed look and new functions will be public soon!

Some of the improvements we have made are:

Dropdown menus that allow for simplified and quicker use of the site.

Preview of dropdown menus on the new website

A refreshed look that is cleaner, less cluttered and reflects our new O-Train services.

Preview of a page on the new website

Our new website will resize to fit your device for a better browsing experience on mobile and tablet. Maps, schedules, and general transit information are now easier to find and use on-the-go. With this expansion of to all devices, our dedicated mobile site, Mobi, is no longer needed and will be retired.

Preview of the new website on mobilePreview of the new website on mobile

Travel Planner, Alerts and real-time bus departures are featured on our new home page. You can check detours or changes to your favourite routes, get travel plans, or search real-time bus departure information for all stops and stations on one page.

Preview of home page features on the new website

We are also redesigning the OC Transpo App to match our new website. The new version will be available for download from iTunes shortly after the website has been released. You will recognize our App with our signature O and will find our new O-Train services and route number identifiers throughout the App.