Transitway Station Names

Texting using 560-560 also works
for each station along the Transitway

Each station has a unique 4-digit bus stop number. Either use the 4-digit bus stop number or the first few letters of any Transitway Station name. ie.: ‘Hurd’, ‘Mac’, ‘Orl’, ‘Alb’, ‘Bil’.

Below is an alphabetical list of 560-560 numbers, etc., by Transitway station name:

Station: 560 # and what you can text:
Airport 3039, Airport
Albert and Bay 3004, A Bay, Albert & Bay, Albert and Bay, Albert at Bay, Albert/Bay,
Albert and Bank 3002, A Bank, Albert & Bank, Albert and Bank, Albert at Bank, Albert/Bank
Albert and Kent 3003, A Kent, Albert & Kent, Albert and Kent, Albert at Kent, Albert/Kent
Albert and Metcalfe 3001, A Metcalfe, Albert & Metcalfe, Albert and Metcalfe, Albert at Metcalfe, Albert/Metcalfe
Bank and Albert 3002, Bank & Albert, Bank at Albert, Bank and Albert
Bank and Slater 3007, Bank & Slater, Bank at Slater, Bank and Slater
Barrhaven Centre 3045, BC, Barrhaven Centre
Baseline 3017, Baseline
Bay and Albert 3004, Bay & Albert, Bay at Albert, Bay and Albert
Bay and Slater 3005, Bay & Slater, Bay at Slater, Bay and Slater
Bayshore 3050, Bayshore
Bayview 3060, Bayview
Billings Bridge 3034, Billings Bridge, BB
Blair 3027, Blair
Canadian Tire Centre 3059, Canadian Tire Centre
Carling 3061, Carling
Carleton 3062, Carleton
Chapman Mills 3048, Chapman Mills
Dominion 3013, Dominion
Eagleson 3055, Eagleson
Fallowfield 3043, Fallowfield
Greenboro 3037, Greenboro
Heron 3035, Heron
Hurdman 3023, Hurdman
Iris 3016, Iris
Jeanne d'Arc 3070, Jeanne d'Arc
Kent and Albert 3003, Kent and Albert, Kent & Albert, Kent at Albert
Kent and Slater 3006, Kent & Slater, Kent at Slater, Kent and Slater
Laurier 3020, Laurier
Landsdowne 3080, TD Place, Landsdowne
LeBreton 3010, Lebreton, LeBreton
Lees 3022, Lees
Lincoln Fields 3014, LF, Lincoln Fields
Longfields 3046, Longfields
Lycée Claudel 3030, Lycée Claudel
Mackenzie King 3000, MK, Mackenzie King
MarketPlace 3047, MarketPlace
Metcalfe and Albert 3003, Metcalfe & Albert, Metcalfe at Albert, Metcalfe and Albert
Metcalfe and Slater 3008, Metcalfe at Slater, Metcalfe & Slater
Millennium 3076, Millennium
Mooney's Bay 3063, Mooney's Bay
Nepean Woods 3048, Nepean Woods
Place d'Orleans 3028, Pl. d'Orleans, PD, Orleans, Place d'Orleans
Pinecrest 3019, Pinecrest
Pleasant Park 3033, PP, Pleasant Park
Queensway 3015, Queensway
Rideau Centre 3009, RC, Rideau Centre
Riverside 3032, Riverside
Riverview 3040, Riverview
South Keys 3038, Southkeys, South Keys
Slater and Bay 3005, S Bay, Slater & Bay, Slater at Bay, Slater/Bay, Slater and Bay
Slater and Bank 3007, S Bank, Slater & Bank, Slater at Bank, Slater/Bank
Slater and Kent 3006, Slater & Kent, Slater at Kent, Slater/Kent, S Kent, Slater and Kent
Slater and Metcalfe 3008, Slater & Metcalfe, Slater and Metcalfe, Slater at Metcalfe, Slater/Metcalfe, S Metcalfe
Smyth 3031, Smyth
St-Laurent 3025, St.Laurent, St-Laurent, Saint Laurent, St. Laurent, St Laurent, Stl
Strandherd 3044, Strandherd
Teron 3018, Teron
TD Place/ Place TD 3080, TD Place/ Place TD, Landsdowne
Terry Fox 3058, TF, Terry Fox
Train 3024, Train
Trim 3029, Trim
Tunney's Pasture 3011, Tunneys Pasture, TP, Tunney's Pasture
Walkley 3036, Walkley
Westboro 3012, Westboro


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Text 560-560 for bus arrival times

Get real-time bus schedules sent to your phone by texting your stop number to 560560!

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