Tuesday May 23, 2017

Public Transit In Canada's Capital

Get Ready for Rail

The O-Train Confederation Line will bring modern light rail to Ottawa in 2018 and transform transit service in the capital. Quick, reliable and frequent Confederation Line service will replace bus routes through central Ottawa — from Blair in the east to Tunney’s Pasture in the west. The 17 electrified trains each made up of two Alstom Citadis Spirit cars and the 13 stations are designed to provide safety, comfort and accessibility for all. Learn more about the Confederation Line on our new Ready for Rail web section »

Confederation Line map

Where Will It Go?

The O-Train Confederation Line (Line 1) will efficiently connect 13 stations, from Tunney’s Pasture Station in the west to Blair Station in the east. It will replace current bus service through downtown Ottawa, and will include a 2.5 km underground tunnel. More than 100 Rapid, Frequent and Connexion bus routes, and the O-Train Trillium Line at Bayview, will connect to the O-Train Confederation Line. Where Will It Go?: Read More »

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