Thursday March 21, 2019

Public Transit In Canada's Capital

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Ready for Rail

The O-Train Confederation Line will bring modern light rail transit service to Ottawa. When the Confederation Line opens for service, high frequency train service will replace bus routes that today operate on the Transitway between Blair and Tunney’s Pasture stations and through downtown Ottawa. Ready for Rail: Read More »

Ticket machines

Non-Presto fares sold from ticket machines are active right away

You can use Single-ride tickets and DayPasses, including those for 3, 5 and 7 days, to ride on OC Transpo, Para Transpo and STO as soon as you buy them up until they expire. You’ll find the expiry date and time in bold text on the front of each ticket. You can’t buy these fares in advance. Use Presto to pre-pay your fares. Presto funds and passes are stored on your card until you tap onto a reader.

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