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Coming soon! Technology upgrades including launch of mobile Travel Planner Read More

We are performing major upgrades to our internal and external software and applications starting next week and into early November. As part of the upgrades, we are launching a mobile-friendly version of the improved Travel Planner and retiring the legacy version of the application. You may also notice small changes to some website features that use bus schedule data. Performance of these systems may be affected during implementation and in the days that follow.

Get your travel plan banner

What’s new with the Travel Planner

As part of these upgrades, we are retiring the legacy (old) version of the Travel Planner and introducing the following improvements to the Travel Planner:

  • Improved mobile experience:
    • Responsive to screen size
    • Location detect lets GPS-enabled mobile users start or end a travel plan from their current location
  • New “Earlier/Later” travel plan function:
    • You can offset the departure or arrival time of your travel plan with the click of a button
  • Ability to view full-screen map
  • Ability to get next departures time at a specific stop for any or all routes 
  • Travel Planner is designed to work on all recent desktop and mobile versions of major Web browsers including Microsoft IE (10 or 11), Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari
    • Please make sure you update you upgrade to the latest version of your browser in order to continue using the Travel Planner.

Questions or concerns about the upgrades?

Please let us know by completing our feedback form.

Rideau Street detours 24 hours/day beginning Oct. 19 Read More

Beginning 8 pm on Wednesday October 19, Rideau Street between Sussex and Dalhousie will be closed to buses in all time periods, until the end of the year, to allow construction to continue on schedule. Buses that normally stop on Rideau Street will serve nearby stops on Rideau at Dalhousie, and on Daly Avenue just east of the Rideau Centre.

Routes 1, 2, 4, 7, 9, 12, 14, 16x, 18, 106, 403 and 450 are affected by this detour.

Routes 1, and 7 will use bus stops:

  • At the intersection of Rideau and Dalhousie
  • On Daly at Nicholas

Routes 2 and 4 will terminate at Confederation Square, at a bus stop on Elgin at Sparks. 

Route 2 will travel on Slater and Albert instead of Wellington, and will not travel on Bank Street north of Albert.

Route 9 travelling towards Hurdman will travel on Sussex instead of Dalhousie and Bruyère.

Routes 9 and 12 will no longer travel west of the canal to Bank Street and will terminate near the Rideau Centre on Daly.

Route 18 will stop on Rideau at Dalhousie, and on Daly.

Route 14 will stop on Mackenzie King Bridge.

Late night service on Routes 8, 85, 94, 95, 96, 97 and 106 that normally travels on Rideau Street will stop on Mackenzie King Bridge.

Event Routes 403 and 450 will stop on Mackenzie King Bridge. 

STO service will stop on Mackenzie Avenue, Sussex, and on Rideau at Dalhousie.

Revised bus stops

Map of Rideau Street Detours between Sussex and Dalhousie, effective 8pm Wednesday October 19.

The following bus stops will have no service:

  • Rideau Street stops 3A and 4A between Sussex and Dalhousie
  • Elgin Street northbound in front of the NAC
  • Route 9 bus stops on Bruyère Street

Revised bus stops and routing

Revised bus stops and routes

Route 12 customers: We want to hear from you! Read More

The City will be reconstructing Montreal Road in 2018. We are looking at how the road is used by pedestrians, cyclists, cars and transit customers. We want to hear from Route 12 transit customers. Please take a minute to complete a short survey between now and Oct. 30.

Start the survey

Construction at Baseline Station ongoing until mid-December Read More

For your safety and comfort, we’re adding a pedestrian crossing at Baseline Station and installing heaters in the bus shelters. Service at the station is not affected. Please obey all signage and be careful around the construction site.

O-Train Confederation Line becomes energized Read More

As of September 22, the O-Train Confederation Line’s Overhead Catenary System – the wires that supply power to the Light Rail Transit (LRT) electric vehicles – will be energized at the Belfast Yard Maintenance and Storage Facility (MSF).

The energizing of the wires will gradually move in phases from the MSF to the alignment between Blair and Tremblay Stations throughout the fall.

Although this is an exciting milestone, potential safety hazards will exist that the public should be aware of in order to stay safe. Residents are advised of the following:

  • Never enter the railway corridor;
  • Never try to reach the wires or throw things at them;
  • Do not fly kites or any other airborne object near the LRT corridor;
  • Stay clear of them at all times to avoid the risk of electrocution; and,
  • Stay away from the tracks at all times.

Since there are no at-grade crossings and the entire alignment is fenced off and secure, there is no reason for anyone to be on or near the tracks at any time.

With power to the Confederation Line, the City will be able to start preliminary tests on the LRT vehicles in the coming months. More information on the testing of the LRT vehicles will follow at a later date.

For more information, please visit Ottawa.ca.

Don't touche the wires | Stay off the tracks

Construction at O-Train Trillium Line stations starting Fall 2016 Read More

The location of station entrances, walkways, fare vending machine and PRESTO readers at O-Train stations may shift temporarily while we begin construction on the structures to house future fare gates along the Trillium Line. The fare gates are part of our new modernized fare system, coming in 2017. The O-Train will continue to serve all stations. Please obey all signage and be careful around the construction site.

The construction will begin in late September 2016. The following stations will be affected:

  • Greenboro
  • Carling
  • Carleton
  • Confederation Heights

Bayview Station will not undergo fare control construction at this time. The future Bayview station, being constructed as part of the Confederation Line project, will include fare gates for both O-Train lines.


You can access Greenboro Station by using the accessible path about 50 metres north of the current entrance. Follow the sidewalk and you will find the path entrance on your left about 3 metres past the bicycle shelter.

The 75-metre Z-shaped path is 2 metres wide and has safety fencing on either side of it. It will gradually lead you down to stop 2A on the north side of northbound Transitway platform (to Walkley). The platform, waiting area and shelters are ahead, and the station is to your left.

To get to an O-Train platform, or to the southbound Transitway platform (to South Keys), you will need to enter the station and take the elevator or stairs to access those platforms.

Student paper passes no longer available Read More

As student paper passes are no longer available, you’ll need a PRESTO card to load an October monthly student pass. If you have a September paper pass, you can use it until the end of September 30, 2016.

Link to Student Fares

Improved service to Carling Campus: sign up for the latest info Read More

As many federal government employees are moving to Carling Campus starting this fall, we are expanding our service to Moodie Drive with routing or scheduling changes on Routes 101, 103, 152 and 182. To get the latest changes to Carling Campus service straight to your phone or inbox, register for alerts (select “Carling Campus” as a category).

Plan your trip to Carling Campus

LeBreton Station moving one block east on Sept. 4 Read More

LeBreton Station is moving to Albert at Booth as Preston closes north of Albert for light-rail construction. Buses will be rerouted to use Booth between the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway and Albert. The layout of bus stops at the station will be similar to what it currently is.

LeBreton Station layout and area map

PRESTO warning to its users: Don’t buy a card from an unauthorized vendor Read More

To make sure they don’t fall victim to a discount fare card scam, PRESTO is reminding customers to only buy PRESTO cards from an authorized source: OC Transpo Customer Service Centres, select ServiceOttawa Client Service Centres, online at prestocard.ca or by phone at 1-8-PRESTO-123 (1-877-378-6123).

Read full warning at prestocard.ca

Back-to-school with transit Read More

The 600-series routes and special trips on regular routes are back for the school year! School service is adjusted every year, so confirm your route and schedule before school starts. Extra trips to colleges and universities will start up again with the beginning of classes. Student paper passes are no longer accepted. You’ll need a PRESTO card to load an October monthly student pass.

Back-to-school with transit: Read More

New fall service starting Sept. 4 Read More

Many routes will run more often beginning Sunday, Sept. 4 as new fall schedules come into effect. We’re also launching a new route in Stittsville (Route 167) and improving service to Carling Campus. Special summer service to museums and Petrie Island wraps up for the year on Labour Day.

New fall service starting Sept. 4: Read More

Place d’Orléans Park & Ride overflow lot moving Sept. 6 Read More

The extra Park & Ride spaces provided by Place d’Orléans Shopping Centre are moving to a convenient covered lot, just north of their current location. You can access this new lot by the mall’s west entrance on Place d’Orléans Drive. Please obey all signage and only park in designated spaces.

Map showing Place d'Orléans Park & Ride overflow parking location

Renumbering Routes 231 and 232 Read More

On Tuesday, Sept. 6, Route 231 becomes Route 228, and Route 232 becomes Route 222. Routing and schedules do not change. The new numbering is part of preparations for the launch of the O-Train Confederation Line in 2018.

Changes to Routes 34 & 134 starting July 18 Read More

Due to the closure of Pagé Rd. at Brian Coburn, we are rerouting Routes 34 and 134 away from Pagé Rd. and Creek Crossing. We are also extending Route 34 to offer better service to the Trailsedge and Eastboro communities. These changes will bring closer access to transit for some customers, but others may have a slightly longer walk.

Map of new routing and affected stops

June 7 Technical Briefing Read More

OC Transpo held a technical briefing regarding three reports: Bus Service Identification, OC Transpo 2018 Route Network, and OC Transpo Fare System. This technical briefing is one of many that will be held as we lead up to the opening of the O-Train Confederation Line in 2018.

Watch the briefing and read the reports

Rack & Roll is back until fall Read More

We have finished installing bike racks on our buses so you can take your bike along for the ride. More than 450 buses, including all those on routes 12, 85, 91, 92, 94, 95, 96, 97, 99, 101, 106 and 118 are equipped with a rack. Use the Travel Planner’s “More options” features to plan your bike-friendly trips.

Rack & Roll is back until fall: Read More

The 2014 Annual Performance Report Read More

The report provides a snapshot of what occurred in 2014 and a summary of how transit service was planned, operated and managed over the past year.

Go to the 2014 Annual Performance Report (PDF)

We’re redesigning our new mobile site and we want your input Read More

We are rolling out an expanded and responsive version of our mobile site. The new site adapts the most popular features of octranspo.com for a wide range of mobile devices. However, the site does not include all of the information found on the full site. Please check it out and let us know what you think!

Go to the new mobile site octranspo.mobi

Safe Travels Read More

Tips to help you ride safely, every step of your journey.

Let OC Transpo know...

2014 Transit Services Customer Survey Highlights Read More

We released highlights of the 2014 Transit Services Customer Survey. The results showed positive feedback in many areas. For example, 78% of customers rated OC Transpo as good or very good and 90% said they feel safe and secure using transit.

Transit Services 2014 Customer Survey Report

You need to renew your PRESTO card Community Pass discount every two years Read More

If you received your first PRESTO Community pass in 2013, you need to renew it this year before the discount expires. Find out your renewal day at prestocard.ca or in person at an OC Transpo Customer Service Centre.

How to renew your Community Pass discount

Transportation Safety Board Update Read More

A memorandum has been posted on ottawa.ca from the City Manager regarding the recent safety advisory letters from the Transportation Safety Board concerning the September 18th, 2013 bus-train collision.

Transportation Safety Board Update: Read More

Light Rail Transit System and Line Names report Read More

The report on naming Ottawa’s Light Rail Transit system and lines is now available. It will be presented to the Transit Commission September 17.

Read the Light Rail Transit System and Line Names report

PRESTO card readers are updated at least 3 times a day Read More

PRESTO was upgraded to reduce the time it takes to update all the readers on the bus. Your online or phone purchases are now transmitted to the buses at least three times every day — and as often as six times in a day!

This means the purchases you make in the evening will be waiting for you when you tap your card on the bus the next morning.

OC Transpo is currently the only transit system using a cellular connection for PRESTO — other transit companies are updated just once a day using a Wi-Fi connection.

Automatically renew your PRESTO pass Read More

When you order a registered card online it will have to be "activated" before you can use it. Activate your card at prestocard.ca, or by phone.

... more information on renewing your pass

Let OC Know

If you feel harrassed let OC Transpo know by calling Transecure or submitting an anonymous online report.

Let OC Know: Find out more
If you feel unsafe, press the passenger assistance alarm

Passenger Assistance Alarms

Find them on all double-deckers, articulated buses and the O-Train!

Passenger Assistance Alarms
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O-Train Confederation Line

O-Train Confederation Line: Find out more

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