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New winter service starting Dec. 25 Read More

New schedules reflecting seasonal changes to ridership and changing customer needs have taken effect on most routes. The new service includes improvements to transit in Kanata North with the opening of a new Innovation Station and Park & Ride. Plus: We’re getting ready for rail! Changes coming to express routes: express premium no longer required, new numbers and stop changes in the afternoon for west-end expresses.

New winter service starting Dec. 25: Read More

New Innovation Station and Park & Ride now open Read More

We've opened a new Park & Ride lot—with over 250 free spots—in Kanata North and revising transit in the area to offer frequent (about every 15 minutes) direct peak-period connections between the station and downtown.

More about Innovation Station and Kanata North service changes

New, simplified fares in effect Read More

We have rolled out new fare changes to help us get ready for rail: retired premium fares on Express (soon to be Connexion) routes and on Para Transpo, reduced cash fares to better align with e-Purse prices, and launched two new pass products: Youth (6-19) and Access.

New, simplified fares in effect: Read More

Recent technology upgrades including launch of mobile Travel Planner Read More

We have performed major upgrades to our internal and external software and applications. We launched a mobile-friendly version of the improved Travel Planner and retired the legacy version of the application. You may also notice small changes to some website features that use bus schedule data. Performance of these systems may be affected over the next few weeks. If you have any comments or questions about the upgrades, please let us know.

Learn how to make the most of the Travel Planner's new features

Construction at O-Train Trillium Line stations starting Fall 2016 Read More

The location of station entrances, walkways, fare vending machine and PRESTO readers at O-Train stations may shift temporarily while we begin construction on the structures to house future fare gates along the Trillium Line. The fare gates are part of our new modernized fare system, coming in 2017. The O-Train will continue to serve all stations. Please obey all signage and be careful around the construction site.

The construction will begin in late September 2016. The following stations will be affected:

Bayview Station will not undergo fare control construction at this time. The future Bayview station, being constructed as part of the Confederation Line project, will include fare gates for both O-Train lines.


You can access Greenboro Station by using the accessible path about 50 metres north of the current entrance. Follow the sidewalk and you will find the path entrance on your left about 3 metres past the bicycle shelter.

The 75-metre Z-shaped path is 2 metres wide and has blue safety fencing on one side of it. It will gradually lead you down to stop 2A on the north side of northbound Transitway platform (to Walkley). The platform, waiting area and shelters are ahead, and the station is to your left.

To get to an O-Train platform, or to the southbound Transitway platform (to South Keys), you will need to enter the station and take the elevator or stairs to access those platforms.

Carleton Station southbound directions

You can access the southbound Carleton Station platform (to Greenboro) by using the accessible path about 16 metres north of the current entrance. An O-Train ticket machine will be on your left at the beginning of the path. This 17-metre path, which is 2 metres wide and has safety fencing on either side of it, will lead you to the north end of the platform. Once you get to the platform, the waiting area and shelters will be to your right. The PRESTO card reader can be found about midway down the platform.

Carleton Station northbound directions

You can access the northbound Carleton Station platform (to Bayview) by using the accessible path about 16 metres northeast of the current entrance, on the north side of parking area P-4. An O-Train ticket machine will be on your left at the beginning of the path. This 33-metre path, which is 2 metres wide and has safety fencing on either side of it, will lead you to the north end of the platform. Once you get to the platform, the waiting area and shelters will be to your left. The PRESTO card reader can be found about midway down the platform.

Improved service to Carling Campus: sign up for the latest info Read More

As many federal government employees are moving to Carling Campus starting this fall, we are expanding our service to Moodie Drive with routing or scheduling changes on Routes 101, 103, 152 and 182. To get the latest changes to Carling Campus service straight to your phone or inbox, register for alerts (select “Carling Campus” as a category).

Plan your trip to Carling Campus

We’re redesigning our new mobile site and we want your input Read More

We are rolling out an expanded and responsive version of our mobile site. The new site adapts the most popular features of octranspo.com for a wide range of mobile devices. However, the site does not include all of the information found on the full site. Please check it out and let us know what you think!

Go to the new mobile site octranspo.mobi

2014 Transit Services Customer Survey Highlights Read More

We released highlights of the 2014 Transit Services Customer Survey. The results showed positive feedback in many areas. For example, 78% of customers rated OC Transpo as good or very good and 90% said they feel safe and secure using transit.

Transit Services 2014 Customer Survey Report

You need to renew your PRESTO card Community Pass discount every two years Read More

If you received your first PRESTO Community pass in 2013, you need to renew it this year before the discount expires. Find out your renewal day at prestocard.ca or in person at an OC Transpo Customer Service Centre.

How to renew your Community Pass discount

Light Rail Transit System and Line Names report Read More

The report on naming Ottawa’s Light Rail Transit system and lines is now available. It will be presented to the Transit Commission September 17.

Read the Light Rail Transit System and Line Names report

PRESTO card readers are updated at least 3 times a day Read More

PRESTO was upgraded to reduce the time it takes to update all the readers on the bus. Your online or phone purchases are now transmitted to the buses at least three times every day — and as often as six times in a day!

This means the purchases you make in the evening will be waiting for you when you tap your card on the bus the next morning.

OC Transpo is currently the only transit system using a cellular connection for PRESTO — other transit companies are updated just once a day using a Wi-Fi connection.

Automatically renew your PRESTO pass Read More

When you order a registered card online it will have to be "activated" before you can use it. Activate your card at prestocard.ca, or by phone.

... more information on renewing your pass

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