Kanata Park & Ride Options

Eagleson Park & Ride spots fill up fast! There are other lots just a short drive away.

  • Park & Ride lots at Innovation, Terry Fox, Canadian Tire Centre or Carp
  • Frequent morning peak trips downtown and back in the afternoon
  • Hundreds of spots

Kanata Park & Ride options

Peak-period service to downtown from Kanata Park & Ride lots

Lot Spots Service frequency Downtown-bound routes




7 min


  • 63 Mackenzie King
  • 64 Mackenzie King
Terry Fox




5 min


  • 61 St-Laurent
  • 62 St-Laurent
  • 88 Hurdman
  • 264 Mackenzie King
Canadian Tire Centre




9 min


  • 62 St-Laurent
  • 261 Mackenzie King
  • 263 Mackenzie King




14 min


  • 262 Mackenzie King

How Will I Get To It?

Bus, bike, walk or ride to the Confederation Line.

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Respectful Music

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