Proposal: Revised service and new Park & Ride in Kanata North

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A future service plan for Kanata North has been developed to meet the changing needs of the community and transit services, while maintaining access and connections for residents. The plan will improve transit for residential and commercial areas, serve the new Innovation Park & Ride lot and adjust routes to get ready for light rail.

We're getting ready for light rail!

In 2017, bus routes will start to change in preparation for the new O-Train Confederation Line. Express route premium fares will no longer be charged, and some bus routes will be combined to provide an enhanced service to downtown. In 2018 these routes will connect directly with the OTrain Confederation Line at Tunney's Pasture Station. In addition, in January 2017 a new Park & Ride lot will open at the corner of Innovation and Terry Fox.


Kanata North Service overview

Routes 60, 64, 93, 165, 181 and 182 would be revised (see map) to:

  • Offer more service and better connections in Morgan's Grant
    and Briarbrook
  • Improve access for employment areas
  • Provide direct service from Innovation Park & Ride to downtown
  • Increase frequency along major corridors in Kanata North
  • Co-ordinate with the 2018 bus and train network

Many customers would have a faster travel time to downtown and customers in the Morgan’s Grant, Briarbrook and Teron Road communities would have increased service — up to every 7 to 8 minutes during peak periods. Some customers would have a slightly longer trip or walk to service outside the peak periods.

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Kanata North service revision proposal map


Route changes – Routes 60, 64, 93, 165, 181 & 182

Routes 60, 64, 93, 165, 181 et 182  would be revised and some bus routes would be combined to provide an enhanced service to downtown.

Routes 60 and 64

Routes 60 and 64 would be revised and replace Route 93 with direct service to and from downtown during rush hour and to Lincoln Fields at all other times, including weekends. North of Terry Fox, Routes 60 and 64 would operate in a one-way loop serving Briarbrook and Morgan’s Grant respectively. Together, the two routes would combine to provide frequent two-way service through the centre of Kanata North along Flamborough Way and Legget. See Route 264 below for service in Kanata Lakes.

Routes 60 and 64 would operate all day, seven days a week to Lincoln Fields. Customers in Briarbrook and Morgan’s Grant would continue to use these routes during rush hour for their downtown commute, similar to today, but at a regular fare. Each route would operate every 15 minutes to provide a combined 7/8 minute frequency along the common sections to downtown in the morning and returning in the afternoon. To speed up travel to downtown for commuters, rush hour trips will operate on March Road and bypass Legget — southbound in the morning and northbound in the afternoon. At all other times, service will operate via Carling, Schneider and Legget to better serve the employment areas.

In the rush hours, both Routes 60 and 64 will be increased from 9 to 12 trips and the frequency improved from every 20 to every 15 minutes to ensure capacity and reduce wait times.

Routes 60 and 64 would also provide the rush hour connection between downtown and the Kanata North Business Park, similar to Route 93 today. In the morning, each route would operate every 20 minutes to Kanata North to provide a combined 10-minute service along the common sections. Returning to downtown from Kanata North in the afternoon, routes 60 and 64 would each operate every 30 minutes for a combined 15-minute service.

New service would be introduced on Brady between Old Second Line and Halton Terrace, while service would be removed from a portion of Halton Terrace between Klondike and Brady.

Route 93

Route 93 would be replaced by Routes 60 and 64, which would combine to provide more frequent service than the current route 93.

Route 165

Route 165 would be revised for improved connections to shopping, recreation and transit. The route would be extended to Briarbrook to provide service from the community to Kanata Centrum. Buses would operate in a one-way loop through Morgan’s Grant and Briarbrook. The route would serve Innovation Park & Ride and provide a return connection from the Richcraft Recreation Complex to the communities. Route 165 operates an hourly service outside of peak periods Monday to Friday.

Route 181 and 182

Route 181 would be revised to travel from Terry Fox via Legget, Solandt, Hines and Innovation, while all trips on Route 182 would be extended to Kanata North for improved service levels to the business park. This is in addition to the extension of Route 182 to Tunney’s Pasture Station this September, which will improve connections and reduce transfers. Both Routes 181 and 182 would be extended to end at Innovation Station.

New Route 264

New Route 264 would operate approximately every 20 minutes from Kanata Lakes to downtown in the morning rush hour, returning in the afternoon. Route 264 would replace a portion of Route 64, serving Huntsville and Goldridge Drives, as well as Terry Fox Station.


Innovation Station

A new Park & Ride lot is scheduled to open at the end of this year, near Innovation and Terry Fox Drive, serving Kanata North and outlying rural communities.

The new lot will help meet the demand for Park & Ride spaces in Kanata, now and in the future, and will feature:

  • 244 parking spots in Phase 1, with plans for 483 more spaces as demand grows
  • Accessible benches, passenger shelters, bike shelters and racks
  • A multi-use pathway connecting communities north of Terry Fox Drive to the Richcraft Recreation Complex
  • Closed circuit TV cameras and emergency callboxes
  • A public art installation by Lynda Cronin called Tempus

Click on map to enlarge

Innovation Station future area map

Routes 60, 64, 165, 181 and 182 would all serve Innovation Park & Ride.


We'd love to hear from you


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Other feedback opportunities

You can also provide your comments by:

  • Mail:

    OC Transpo Service Planning Branch,
    1500 St-Laurent Blvd., Ottawa, ON K1G 0Z8

  • Fax: 613-230-6543

  • Phone: 613-842-3600 (TTY: 613-741-5280)

  • In person:
    • Councillor Wilkinson’s Kanata North Community Picnic:
      Wednesday, July 20, 4–8 pm, Sandwell Green Park (on the Parkway, near Teron Road, across from Earl of March High School)
    • Kanata North Public Community Meeting:
      Thursday, Aug. 18, 7–9 pm, Richcraft Recreation Complex, Minto Room, 4101 Innovation Drive

Deadline for comments is Aug. 19!

The approved changes would be implemented by Jan. 1, 2017.

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