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The Rack & Roll season is over for 2017. 

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From spring  to fall, you will be able to take your bike along for the ride!

   •   More than 600 buses are equipped with a bike rack, including all those
        on routes 12, 61, 62, 85, 88, 91, 94, 95, 97, 98, 99, 101 & 106.
   •   Bikes can also be transported year-round on the O-Train Trillium Line.

Rack & Roll MapRack & Roll Map:

   Download map (pdf)
   Effective April 2017


Bicycle Loading Instructions

Before the bus arrives, get your bike ready for loading and remove any loose items. Indicate to the operator that you will be loading your bike.

Woman lowers bike rack on front of a bus

1  If the rack is closed, hold onto your bike with one hand and with your other hand, squeeze handle up to release latch, then lower rack.

A woman places her bike on the rack on the front of a bus

2  Lift your bike onto the rack and place the wheels in the wheel wells.

A woman secures bike onto a rack

3  Raise the support arm over your tires as high as it will go, but not over the frame or fender.


You are responsible to secure your bike properly. For safety reasons, operators cannot leave the bus to assist you.

Unloading Your Bicycle

Before you reach your stop, tell the operator you will be unloading your bike, then exit by the front door.

  1. Raise the support arm off the tire.
  2. Lift your bike from the rack.
  3. If the rack is empty, fold up the rack until it locks in place before you step away from the bus.
  4. Step away from the bus and signal to the operator that you are clear of the bus.

Tips & Helpful Links


  • For your safety, load and unload your bike from the front, or from the curb side of the bus.
  • Load and unload your bike as quickly as possible. 
  • If someone wants to remove their bike, let them go first before you load your bike. 
  • Only non-motorized, two-wheeled bikes are allowed. 
  • OC Transpo personnel may refuse access to cyclists due to unsafe conditions. OC Transpo is not responsible for damages incurred or caused by or to bicycles, or for lost or stolen bicycles.

Helpful Links

City of Ottawa cycling map: www.ottawa.ca

For more information on our bike rack, Sportworks model DL2: www.sportworks.com/product/dl2

Citizens for Safe Cycling: www.SafeCycling.ca

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If something looks suspicious, let us know or call 613-741-2478

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