Regional Partner Routes

Bus service to downtown Ottawa from various towns and communities is provided by our Regional Partners on bus routes numbered in the 500s.

Route Routing overview Regional Partner Company
500 Arnprior - Ottawa - Gatineau Classic Alliance Motorcoach /
LCT - Lanark Community Transit
502 Pakenham, Almonte - Ottawa
509 Merrickville - Ottawa Howard Bus Service
515 Cornwall - Ottawa Delaney Bus Lines
516 Finch - Ottawa - Gatineau
517 Alexandria - Ottawa - Gatineau
520 Hawkesbury - Ottawa - Gatineau Leduc Bus Lines
528 Embrun / Russell - Ottawa - Gatineau   Township of Russell
417 Bus Lines
530 Clarence/Rockland - Ottawa - Gatineau Clarence-Rockland
535 Bourget - Ottawa - Gatineau
538 Carleton Place - Ottawa - Carleton Place Classic Alliance Motorcoach /
LCT - Lanark Community Transit
540 Morrisburg - Ottawa Evans Bus Lines Ltd
542 Kemptville - Ottawa - Gatineau Allegiance Transportation Services
543 Kemptville - Ottawa
551 Casselman - Ottawa - Gatineau 417 Bus Lines
613‑764‑2192 or 1‑888‑811‑2617
553 St. Albert / Limoges - Ottawa - Gatineau
555 Casselman - Ottawa - Gatineau
556 Casselman - Ottawa - Gatineau
558 St. Isidore - Ottawa - Gatineau

Route schedules

Schedules are set by the Regional Partner. Stops are not all necessarily listed and some are served by request only. Actual arrival times are subject to weather and traffic conditions and may vary from those given.

Web and printed timetables are updated 4 times per year. Please check with the Regional Partner Company to see if any changes were made to the schedules since they were published.  



The Regional Transit Pass and Photo ID card must be used together on all 500-series routes. The Photo ID card on sale at all OC Transpo Customer Service Centres.

Regional Transit Pass and Photo ID card for use with Regional Partner 500 routes The Regional (R) monthly pass is only available through your regional transit provider. Fare prices are set by the Regional Partner. 

Please contact your local company for information on fare prices and on how to get your Regional transit pass.

The Regional pass is accepted on all OC Transpo and STO (Société de transport de l'Outaouais) routes. 

Regional transit partners will continue to use paper monthly passes until a smartcard is in place with their service provider.  This is expected in 2018 and will be valid fare on all OC Transpo vehicles. Until that time, the process remains the same and customers can show OC Transpo bus operators their valid paper pass and Regional transit photo ID.

For customers who currently take the O-Train Trillium Line, OC Transpo has staff members at these stations who will help them through the gate. Soon, there will be a direct video connection from the Ticket Machine to the OC Transpo Customer Service Centre where the customer will receive the necessary assistance to pass through the fare gates.

Don't forget to write your photo ID number on your monthly pass. Your pass is not valid until you have done this.

Cell phone emitting signals with a man holding a cell phone in the background. Image text: 560560 Next Bus Arrivals

Text 560-560 for bus arrival times

Get real-time bus schedules sent to your phone by texting your stop number to 560560!

More on 560-560

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