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Public Transit In Canada's Capital

Image of Ready for Rail Campaign Survey

Ready for Rail Campaign Survey

Over the last few months, the Ready for Rail campaign has been informing and educating customers about the features of the future O-Train Confederation Line system, opening in 2018. Are you Ready for Rail? We want to hear from you! Please complete the short Ready for Rail survey to let us know what you have seen and learned while on your daily commute around Ottawa. Take the survey »

Transit screen installation

Starting this week and throughout October, we will be installing transit screens at a number of stations. These screens will provide real-time bus and train departure times and live service updates (such as detours, delays and elevator outages). Some areas in the stations, including shelters, may be temporarily unavailable during the installation. Read More »

STO routes currently not available in Travel Planner

The Travel Planner is unable to provide trip options with connections to Société de transport de l’Outaouais (STO) routes at this time due to a technical issue. We are working with STO to fix this problem as quickly as possible. Until then, please use the STO Plani-Bus at to plan the portion of your trip within the STO network. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Read More »

Image of Fall service changes starting Sept. 3

Fall service changes starting Sept. 3

Many routes will run more often beginning Sunday, Sept. 3 as new fall schedules come into effect. We are also continuing to introduce new route numbers and making Route network changes in Kanata (Routes 162 and 62) and in Greenboro (Routes 114 and 298) as part of the transition to the 2018 Network. Read More »

Image of ParaPay is now available

ParaPay is now available

ParaPay is a convenient, electronic and cardless way to pre-pay your fare on Para Transpo securely online or by phone. Load money or a monthly pass, then book your trips and ride. Your fare is automatically paid when you book, and if you cancel, your account will be reimbursed. ParaPay is for use on Para Transpo only. Get Started »

Image of Back to school with transit

Back to school with transit

School service is back with a few changes! Special school trips on Frequent and Local routes, and School routes (600-series) return for the school year on Aug. 29 for French schools and Sept. 5 for English schools. Read More »

Image of How will I transfer?

How will I transfer?

The O-Train Confederation Line and its stations have been designed to make your connections quick, easy and comfortable. Customers connecting from bus to train or train to bus at major stations along the Confederation Line —Hurdman, Blair, Tunney’s Pasture and Bayview— will transfer directly within a fare-paid zone, which will allow customers to bypass the fare gates. Frequent train arrivals and coordinated schedules between trains and buses mean you won’t have to wait long to continue your journey. Learn more about the Confederation Line on our new Ready for Rail web section »

Image of Bayview Station Transitway Stop 2A is moving September 16

Bayview Station Transitway Stop 2A is moving September 16

On Saturday, Sep. 16, Bayview Station Transitway Stop 2A (eastbound towards downtown) is being moved approximately 300m west to the corner of Albert and Bayview. The stop is being moved to accommodate the construction of a transit-oriented development south of Albert Street across from the future Bayview O-Train Station. If you are transferring between Stop 2A and the O-Train Trillium Line, you'll follow a new pedestrian route that takes about 5 minutes. Read More »

Image of Construction at Eagleson Park & Ride: Aug. – Sept.

Construction at Eagleson Park & Ride: Aug. – Sept.

Starting on Monday, Aug. 28 until late September, infrastructure maintenance activities will be taking place at the Eagleson Park & Ride lot. Though the lot will remain open, the number of spaces will be reduced. Additional spaces are available at the Canadian Tire Centre or Terry Fox Park & Ride lots. Read More »

Exterior announcements of bus arrivals

On April 23, 2017 OC Transpo rolled out exterior bus announcements at bus stops and stations. Each bus now announces its route and destination in English and French when it arrives at the station platform or bus stop. Read More »

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