New stations

Image text: New stations

Distinctive, inviting architecture

  • Spacious, open-concept design
  • Comfortable, secure waiting areas
  • Ticket machines and digital arrival screens

Thirteen new multimodal O-Train stations will open along the new Confederation Line, and most OC Transpo customers will use these stations on a daily basis in their transit journey. Downtown O-Train stations (Lyon, Parliament and Rideau) will be below ground, providing a very different experience for customers compared to today’s bus service.

The architecture and visual identity of stations will be an impressive and exciting addition to the Ottawa city landscape. Transit customers, residents and tourists will recognize signature design and wayfinding elements that distinguish the Confederation Line and highlight the transformation of transit in the nation’s capital.

O-Train Confederation Line – June 2018

Check out how things are progressing along the O-Train Confederation Line! Our new video shows a bird's-eye view of the LRT stations in June.

Station designs

From west to east:

Tunney's Pasture

Tunney's Pasture StationTunney's Pasture Station


Bayview StationBayview Station


Pimisi StationPimisi Station


Lyon StationLyon Station


Parliament Station


Rideau StationRideau Station


uOttawa StationuOttawa Station


Lees StationLees Station


Hurdman StationHurdman Station


Tremblay StationTremblay Station


St-Laurent Station


Cyrville StationCyrville Station


Blair StationBlair Station

Station amenities

The quality of services and amenities provided in stations will help improve the overall customer transit experience in 2018. Amenities will include:

  • Bicycle parking at all stations
  • Bicycle stairway runnels
  • Ticket machines with customer information points
  • Fare gates
  • Fare-paid zones at four stations on the Confederation Line
  • Audible and visual announcements
  • Public washrooms at four stations
  • Spacious and secure platforms
  • Transecure areas
  • Heated designated waiting areas at all stations
  • Video camera monitoring
  • System maps
  • Emergency telephones
  • Clear signage and wayfinding
  • Public art
  • Accessibility features including: dual elevators at all 13 stations, escalators at 9 stations, tactile wayfinding tiles, and platform edge indicator strips
  • Retail spaces at four major stations

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