Better Bus Stops Project: St. Laurent Blvd. stop location changes

Better Bus Stops Project bannerWe’re redistributing stops on St. Laurent Blvd., between Elmvale and Walkley. These changes will make trips on Routes 40, 48 and 49 faster, smoother and more reliable. We want to know what you think about the new stop locations and how they affect your trips.

Bus stop changes




St-Laurent / Tawney

Stop relocated to St‑Laurent/Connery

Map of stop 7284 relocation

St-Laurent / Nerta

Stop removed.
For service, go to:

  • St‑Laurent / Connery (#7284)
  • St‑Laurent / Joliffe (#7286)

Map of stop 8346 removal and alternative service

St-Laurent / Susan

Stop removed.
For service, go to:

  • St‑Laurent / Walkley (#7288)
  • St‑Laurent / Joliffe (#7286)

Map of stop 7287 removal and alternative service

Walking distances to bus stops

The piloted bus stop changes are in keeping with our target to provide access to transit within a 400 m (or 5-minute) walk.

  • Some customers will have a slightly shorter walk
  • Some customers will have a slightly longer walk


This spring asphalt pads will be added at the new bus stops to improve accessibility. The pilot removes some stops that were located on uneven surfaces.

Customer safety

All bus stops along the corridor benefit from streetlights on St-Laurent Blvd. The stop changes will encourage the use of stops in highly visible locations with amenities like benches and shelters.

Give feedback on this project

Please tell us what you think by completing the form below by Nov. 30, 2018.

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