High Schools and Middle Schools

We provide service to high schools and middle schools on 600s series routes and on special trips on regular routes.

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Changes for 2018–2019

We revise school service every year to match bell times. Get a new schedule or get a new Travel Plan before the start of classes.  

Routing Adjustments

  • Route 12 trips (Samuel-Genest and Gloucester) extended from Rideau Centre to Confederation Square
  • Béatrice-Desloges bus stop moving to ease traffic:
    • Pick up on Provence instead of school roadway
    • Drop off on Innes at Provence instead of in front of the school
  • Bell High School stop moving to Bruin Lane (south side of school) for construction
  • Route 641 (Louis-Riel) will be extended from Saddleridge to Compass

New route numbers

  • Route 106 trips to Franco-Cité and Hillcrest renumbered as new Route 645
  • Trips to Gloucester:
    • Routes 18 and 24 special trips combined renumbered as new Route 624
    • Route 19 trips renumbered as short trips on new Route 20
    • Route 131 trips become new Route 631
  •  Trips to Omer-Deslaurier:
    • Route 86 trips become new Route 686
    • Route 96 trips become new Route 696.
    • Route 111 trips become new Route 689
  • Route 131 trips to Colonel By become new Route 631.
  • Route 131 southbound trips to St. Matthew’s become new Route 638
  • Route 134 trips to Cairine Wilson become new Route 635
  • Route 134 trips to Garneau renumbered as Route 34 school trips
  • Route 152 morning trips to Bell High School become new Route 658. Midday/evening trips that start/end at Bell keep Route number 152

Plan a trip to your school:

Schools A-F

School Open destination in Travel Planner Area map
A.Y. Jackson Secondary School 150 Abbeyhill DriveDestination marker icon Download A. Y. Jackson area map PDF
Adult High School 300 Rochester DriveDestination marker icon  
All Saints High School 5115 Kanata AvenueDestination marker icon Download All Saints area map PDF
Alta Vista Public School 1349 Randall AvenueDestination marker icon  
École secondaire l'Alternative 2445 St-Laurent BoulevardDestination marker icon  
Ashbury College 362 Mariposa AvenueDestination marker icon  
Avalon Public School 2080 Portobello BoulevardDestination marker icon  
École secondaire catholique Béatrice-Desloges 1999 Provence AvenueDestination marker icon Beatrice Desloges area map
Bell High School 40 Cassidy RoadDestination marker icon Download Bell High School area map
Blossom Park Public School 3810 Sixth StreetDestination marker icon  
Broadview  Avenue Public School 590 Broadview AvenueDestination marker icon  
Brookfield High School 824 Brookfield RoadDestination marker icon Download Brookfield area map
Cairine Wilson Secondary School 975 Orléans BoulevardDestination marker icon Download Cairine Wilson area map
Canterbury High School 900 Canterbury AvenueDestination marker icon Download Canterbury area map
Carleton Heights Public School 1660 Prince of Wales DriveDestination marker icon  
École des adultes le Carrefour 2445 St. Laurent BoulevardDestination marker icon  
Cedarview Middle School

2760 Cedarview RoadDestination marker icon

Colonel By Secondary School 2381 Ogilvie RoadDestination marker icon Download Colonel By area map
D. Roy Kennedy Public School 919 Woodroffe AvenueDestination marker icon  
École secondaire publique De La Salle 501 Old St Patrick StreetDestination marker icon Download De La Salle area map
Earl of March Secondary School 4 The ParkwayDestination marker icon Download Earl of March area map
Elizabeth Wyn Wood
Secondary Alternate
20 Rossland AvenueDestination marker icon  
Emily Carr Middle School 2681 Innes RoadDestination marker icon  
Fallingbrook Community Elementary School 679 Deancourt CrescentDestination marker icon  
Featherston Drive Public School 1801 Featherston DriveDestination marker icon  
Fielding Drive Public School 777 Fielding DriveDestination marker icon  
École secondaire catholique Franco-Cité 623 Smyth RoadDestination marker icon  
Collège catholique Franco-Ouest 411 Seyton DriveDestination marker icon  
Frank Ryan Catholic Intermediate School 128 Chesterton DriveDestination marker icon  
Frederick Banting Alternate 1453 Main Street NorthDestination marker icon  

Schools G-M

School Open destination in Travel Planner Area map
École secondaire catholique Garneau 6588 Carrière StreetDestination marker icon Download Garneau area map
École secondaire publique Gisèle-Lalonde 500 Millenium BoulevardDestination marker icon Download Gisèle-Lalonde area map
Glashan Public School 28 Arlington AvenueDestination marker icon  
Glebe Collegiate Institute 212 Glebe AvenueDestination marker icon  
Glen Cairn Public School 182 Morrena RoadDestination marker icon  
Gloucester High School 2060 Ogilvie RoadDestination marker icon Download Gloucester High area map
Greenbank Middle School 168 Greenbank RoadDestination marker icon  
Hawthorne Public School 2158 St. Laurent BoulevardDestination marker icon  
Henry Larsen Public School 1750 Sunview DriveDestination marker icon  
Henry Munro Middle School 2105 Kender AvenueDestination marker icon  
Hillcrest High School 1900 Dauphin RoadDestination marker icon Download Hillcrest area map
Holy Trinity High School 180 Katimavik RoadDestination marker icon  
Hopewell Avenue Public School 17 Hopewell AvenueDestination marker icon  
Immaculata High School 140 Main StreetDestination marker icon Download Immaculata area map
Jack Donohue Public School 101 Penrith StreetDestination marker icon  
J.H. Putman Public School 2051 Bel-Air DriveDestination marker icon  
John McCrae Secondary School 103 Malvern DriveDestination marker icon  
Katimavik Elementary School 64 Chimo DriveDestination marker icon  
Lester B. Pearson Catholic High School 2072 Jasmine CrescentDestination marker icon Download Lester B. Pearson area map
Lisgar Collegiate Institute 29 Lisgar StreetDestination marker icon  
Longfield-Davidson Heights Secondary School 149 Berrigan DriveDestination marker icon Download Longfield-Davidson Heights area map
École secondaire publique Louis-Riel 1655 Bearbrook RoadDestination marker icon Download Louis-Riel area map
Maple Ridge Elementary School 1000 Valin StreetDestination marker icon  
École élémentaire et secondaire Maurice-Lapointe 17 Bridgestone DriveDestination marker icon  
Collège catholique
Mer Bleue
6401 Renaud RoadDestination marker icon Download Mer Bleue area map
Merivale High School 1755 Merivale RoadDestination marker icon  
Centre professionnel et technique Minto 801 Aviation DriveDestination marker icon  
Mother Teresa High School 440 Longfields DriveDestination marker icon  

Schools N-R

School Open destination in Travel Planner Area map
Nepean High School 574 Broadview AvenueDestination marker icon  
Norman Johnston Secondary Alternate 2401 Cléroux CrescentDestination marker icon  
Notre Dame High School 710 Broadview AvenueDestination marker icon Download Notre Dame area map
École secondaire publique Omer-Deslauriers 159 Chesterton DriveDestination marker icon Download Deslauriers area map
Ottawa Technical Learning Centre 485 Donald StreetDestination marker icon Download Deslauriers area map
Ottawa Torah Institute 627 Kirkwood AvenueDestination marker icon  
École secondaire catholique Paul-Desmarais 5315, Abbott Street EastDestination marker icon  
École secondaire catholique Pierre-Savard 1110 Longfields DriveDestination marker icon  
Pinecrest Public School 1281 Pinecrest RoadDestination marker icon  
Queen Elizabeth Public School 689 St. Laurent BoulevardDestination marker icon  
Queen of Angels Adult High School 1461 Heron RoadDestination marker icon  
Reality Check (Richard Pfaff Alternate Program) 160 Percy StreetDestination marker icon  
Redeemer Christian High School 82 Colonnade Road NorthDestination marker icon  
Ridgemont High School 2597 Alta Vista DriveDestination marker icon Download Ridgemont area map
Roberta Bondar Public School 159 Lorry Greenburg DriveDestination marker icon  

Schools S-Z

School Open destination in Travel Planner Area map
Sacred Heart High School 5870 Abbott Street EastDestination marker icon  
Sawmill Creek Elementary 3400 D'Aoust AvenueDestination marker icon  
Sir Guy Carleton Secondary School 55 Centrepointe DriveDestination marker icon  
Sir Robert Borden High School 131 Greenbank RoadDestination marker icon  
Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School 1515 Tenth Line RoadDestination marker icon Download Sir Wilfrid Laurier area map PDF
Sir Winston Churchill Public School 49 Mulvagh AvenueDestination marker icon  
St. Francis Xavier High School 3740 Spratt RoadDestination marker icon  
St. Joseph High School 3333 Greenbank RoadDestination marker icon  
St. Joseph Adult School 30 Lajoie StreetDestination marker icon  
St. Matthew High School 6550 Billberry DriveDestination marker icon Download St. Matthew area map
St. Nicholas Adult High School (Admiral Ave. location) 893 Admiral AvenueDestination marker icon  
St. Nicholas Adult H.S. (Graham Ave. location) 20 Graham AvenueDestination marker icon  
St. Patrick's High School 2525 Alta Vista DriveDestination marker icon Download St. Patrick's area map
St. Patrick's Intermediate School 1485 Heron RoadDestination marker icon  
St. Patrick's Adult School 290 Nepean StreetDestination marker icon  
St. Paul High School 2675 Draper AvenueDestination marker icon  
St. Peter High School 750 Charlemagne BoulevardDestination marker icon Download St. Peter area map
St. Pius X High School 1481 Fisher AvenueDestination marker icon Download Saint Pius area map
Collège catholique Samuel-Genest 704 Carson's RoadDestination marker icon  
Stephen Leacock Public School 25 Leacock DriveDestination marker icon Download Stephen Leacock area map
Steve MacLean Public School 4175 Spratt RoadDestination marker icon  
Summit Alternative School 250 Holland AvenueDestination marker icon  
Terry Fox Elementary School 6400 Jeanne d'Arc BoulevardDestination marker icon  
Trillium Elementary School 1515 Varennes BoulevardDestination marker icon  
Urban Aboriginal High School 440 Albert StreetDestination marker icon  
Vincent Massey Public School 745 Smyth RoadDestination marker icon  
Westboro Academy 200 Brewer WayDestination marker icon  
W.O. Mitchell Elementary School 80 Steeple Chase DriveDestination marker icon  
Woodroffe High School 2410 Georgina DriveDestination marker icon  
York Street Public School 310 York StreetDestination marker icon  
Youville Centre 150 Mann AvenueDestination marker icon  

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