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Schedules are set by Leduc Bus Lines. Stops are not all necessarily listed and some are served by request only. Actual arrival times are subject to weather and traffic conditions and may vary from those given.

Web and printed timetables are updated 4 times per year. Please check with Leduc Bus Lines to see if any changes were made to the schedules since they were published.

Route 520

Monday to Friday

Direction: Ottawa-Gatineau


Hawkesbury (Tim Hortons - McGill) 5:20
Hawkesbury (OPP - Rue Cartier Street) 5:24
Hawkesbury (rest. Miss Hawkesbury Rest.) 5:28
L’Orignal (Post Office/bureau de poste) 5:37
Alfred (Landriault Snack Bar) 5:50
Alfred (Dép. Lalonde) 5:53
Plantagenet (Rest Area /endroit de repos) 6:00
Wendover (Pont Jessop Falls Bridge) 6:07
Parc-o-bus Wendover Park & Ride (water tank / tank à eau) (water tank / tank à eau) 6:10


Place d’Orléans 6:50
Blair 6:58
Hurdman 7:03
King Edward / Somerset 7:06
Laurier / Cumberland 7:08
Pont Mackenzie King Bridge 7:10
Albert / Metcalfe 7:13
Albert / Kent 7:15
Tunney’s Pasture 7:20
Place du Portage (Place d’accueil) 7:30

Direction: Hawkesbury


Place du Portage (Place d’accueil) 15:40
Tunney’s Pasture 15:50
Slater / Kent 16:00
Slater / Metcalfe 16:03
Laurier / Cumberland 16:07
King Edward / Somerset 16:11
Hurdman 16:16
Blair 16:25
Place d’Orléans 16:30
Tunney’s Pasture 15:50


Parc-o-bus Wendover Park & Ride (water tank / tank à eau) 17:00
Wendover (Pont Jessop Falls Bridge) 17:05
Plantagenet (Rest Area bridge /endroit de repos pont) 17:13
Alfred (Dép. Lalonde) 17:20
Alfred (Landriault Snack Bar) 17:22
L’Orignal (Post Office/Bureau de poste) 17:36
Hawkesbury (rest. Miss Hawkesbury Rest.) 17:44
Hawkesbury (OPP - Rue Cartier Street) 17:47
Hawkesbury (Tim Hortons - McGill) 17:50

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