Tips to help you ride safely every step of your journey:

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Travel Tips

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Transit basics

  1. Give up your seat in the Cooperative Seating area to anyone who needs it
  2. If you're standing, hold tightly onto the grab rails and make your way towards the back of the bus.
  3. Don’t use foul, offensive or discriminatory language
  4. Keep your arms and head inside the vehicle at all times
  5. Secure your carry-on items:
    • put blade guards on your skates, keep your drinks covered to avoid spilling fellow riders
    • put brakes on strollers
  6. Use the bell (pull cord or red button) to signal that you want to get off at the next stop. With the Safe Stop, if it’s after 7 pm, you can request to have the driver let you leave a safe spot that is closer to your destination along the route.
  7. Take extra care if you are traveling with small children or riding at night

Security tips

We recognize that victims of crime are not responsible for the offences committed against them. We offer these tips as additional precautions you can take to increase your sense of security on transit.

  • If you’re on a double-decker or articulated (long) bus or on the O-Train, locate the intercom system or Passenger Assistance Alarm (PAA)
    • If you're lost, sick, harassed or threatened or see someone who is, tell the driver or another passenger or use the PAA
  • Keep your handbag or knapsack on your lap instead of on the seat beside you and keep your valuables hidden
  • Stay awake: be aware of other passengers on the vehicle and look out and listen for your upcoming stop
  • After 7 pm, you can request to have the driver let you leave a safe spot along the route that is closer to your destination

Where Will I Buy My Fare?

Ticket machines at all O-Train stations will provide a full range of fare payment options.

Where Will I Buy My Fare?: Find out more
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Fare discounts

For Youth aged 19 and under.

Student fares
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TRANSECURE Awards recognize transit employees who put the safety of residents and their community first.

TRANSECURE Awards: Find out more

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