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Alert: Route 12 & 16 Stop Adjustment - Queen/Metcalfe - February 18, 2019

Route(s): 12, 16

Starting Monday, Feb.18, 2019, Route 12 and 16 will have a stop adjustment at Queen and Metcalfe. 

New Routing

  • Route 12 Blair will start at Metcalfe east-side and Sparks and serve Metcalfe and Wellington

Affected stops

Bus stops (560#) NOT in use Route Alternate service
# 1228 -- Queen (north side) and Metcalfe 12 Blair # 1239 -- Sparks (south side) and Metcalfe
N/A 16 Britannia # 1228 -- Queen (north side) and Metcalfe

route 12 stop adjustment

route 16 stop adjustment

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