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613-560-5000 – One number for all services

Image - 613-560-5000 – One number for all services

There is a new way to call OC Transpo. Call 613-560-5000!

Our new Customer service phone system directs customers to the information they need. With one easy-to-remember phone number, customers can access OC Transpo services through six self-serve options or be connected directly to a customer service representative. 

Main call options  

  1. Para Transpo - booking, cancellation, account information and registration
  2. Schedule information and trip planning 
  3. Park & Ride permits, Bikesecure registration, Presto, fares, discounts, and taxi coupons 
  4. Customer support or Customer Service Centre locations and hours 
  5. To report personal safety concerns (calls will be directed to the Special Constables Unit)
  6. Lost and found

You can speak to a Customer Service Representative by pressing the star button at any time.

All existing numbers will remain active during the transition to the new number, to allow existing customers time to adapt to the new change. Important phone numbers such as Special Constable Unit, Lost & Found and the Ottawa Distress Centre will not be affected and will continue to be available. 

The new phone number complements OC Transpo’s other 560 travel tools. Customers needing real-time information can continue to text 560560 or call 613-560-1000 and use the four-digit bus stop number, or first three letters of the station name to get information about departure times for buses, the latest schedule updates, cancellations, or detours.

Give us a call today at 613-560-5000!