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Elgin St. reopens on July 24

Image - Elgin St. reopens on July 24

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Two-way traffic returns to Elgin St. on Friday, July 24 as the Elgin Street Renewal project begins the next phase.

Routes 5, 14, and 114 will go back to their regular routing on Elgin St. Next Stop Announcements on these routes will be updated on Monday, July 27.

Route 5 map

Route 14 map

Route 114 map

Returning bus stops

The bus stop locations listed below are returning to Elgin St. on July 24.

All temporary bus stops will not be serviced after this date.

Bus stops returning to Elgin St. on July 24
560# Bus stop location
7560 Elgin and Slater (east side)
7675 Elgin and Nepean (east side)
7676 Elgin and Lisgar (west side)
7674 Elgin and Cooper (east side)
2471 Elgin and Somerset (west side)
2469 Elgin and Gilmour (east side)
7673 Elgin and Lewis (west side)
6403 Elgin and Waverly (east side)
2472 Elgin and Gladstone (west side)
2473 Elgin and McLeod (west side)
2468 Elgin and McLeod (east side)
2466 Elgin and Argyle (east side)
2476 Elgin and Catherine (west side)