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Have you tried Rack & Roll this winter?

Image - Have you tried Rack & Roll this winter?

Whether Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, cyclists now have the option to use OC Transpo’s Rack & Roll program.

For the first time last fall, Rack & Roll units remained on OC Transpo’s bus fleet to help customers combine cycling with transit this winter.  If you aren’t familiar with OC Transpo’s Rack & Roll program it’s a convenient and fast way cyclists can transport their bike on a bus.

The Next Stop Blog caught up with Dave from Bike Ottawa to chat about his experience with Rack & Roll this season.

Rack and rolling in the winter

Dave uses his bicycle as transportation to get around the city. Since arriving in the Nation’s Capital seven years ago, he has been a strong advocate for expanding the Rack & Roll program.

Dave pairs cycling with his commute to and from work.

“It is so refreshing to see this,” said Dave. “It’s critical for a true multi-modal transportation system. I’m happy to see the program and for it being year-round. People need to get around.”

One of the challenges Dave says some cyclists may be up against when looking to use the Rack & Roll unit is their hesitation to operate it and secure their bike.

Some users may feel they are holding up the bus or aren’t securing their bike properly.

“It really doesn’t take as long as I thought it would”, said Dave, recalling when he first started using Rack & Roll. “It would be nice to see more practice units installed at other transit stations. It’s necessary for people who ride bikes.”

You can also bring your bike on O-Train Line 1 all year long. Roll your bike to the bicycle boarding zone marked on the train platform, then stand with your bike in the Cooperative Seating area inside the train.

“Similar to being able to take a bicycle on the bus, taking it on the train is equally essential”, said Dave. “I am excited to have Line 2 up and running again so that I will have options to bring my bike on the train when commuting to and from the office as a shift worker.

“I am fortunate enough to have access to winter-maintained pathways so that I can cycle into the office on most days of the year. But there are a few occasions a year when conditions for cycling are unfavourable, or I'm just not feeling up to the ride home or to work. To be able to put my bike on the train to cut the distance I have to ride on those days will be wonderful!”

Practice Makes Perfect

If you’re unsure how to use Rack & Roll, check out this simple video that walks you through three easy steps:

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Text description


[music plays]
[text appears on screen]
“Try Rack & Roll. Follow these simple steps”


[action on screen]

A man reaches to pull the handle of the bike rack and lowers the bike rack.


[text appears on screen]

"1. Squeeze handle to lower bike rack."


[text appears on screen]

"2. Lift your bike onto the bike rack."

[action on screen]

As the instructions are shown on screen, the man lifts his bike into the rack and secures it.


[text appears on screen]

"3. Lift the support arm to secure front tire."


[action on screen]

The man gives a thumbs up.


[text appears on screen] “OC Transpo”

We know the process of learning how to load and unload a bike on a bus can be intimidating for some customers. Our practice bike rack helps take the stress out of it.

Like cyclists, our practice unit is always on the move. Visit to find out where it is.

Plan your cycling to transit commute

"OC Transpo's popular Travel Planner can show you how to integrate cycling with transit." The planner includes cycling options at the beginning and end of a trip which in most cases will reduce overall travel time.

See how cycling can speed up your commute by selecting “Bike to transit” under “Service Options”.

Remember that bike racks do not accommodate fat tire bikes. Racks can only accommodate tire widths up to 2.3 inches and bikes weighing up to 55lbs

We want to hear from you!

Let us know what you think about OC Transpo’s Rack & Roll winter pilot by filling out an OC Transpo customer feedback form.

For more information on OC Transpo’s Rack and Roll program, please visit