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Improved Para Transpo booking hours

Image - Improved Para Transpo booking hours

Starting May 12, all Para Transpo customers can book next-day trips between 7 am and 5 pm on the day prior to their trip. Any customer can call the Reservation Line (Tel: 613-244-7272; TTY: 613-244-4833) at any time between 7 am and 5 pm.

Para Transpo customers can also use the online trip reservation form between 7 am and 3:30 pm as a quick self-serve option for next-day or Statutory Holiday bookings.

Para Transpo booking information

Expanding booking hours is the next in a series of improvements planned for Para Transpo customers. Over the past several years, these improvements have included:

We are continuing to work on projects that deliver expanded online booking, cancellation, account management, trip arrival time, and allow the use of a Presto card onboard Para Transpo minibuses and taxis.