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No-charge May pass for U-Pass holders

Image - No-charge May pass for U-Pass holders

Beginning Monday, April 25, no-charge May passes (valid only on OC Transpo buses, trains and Para Transpo vehicles) will be distributed to eligible students:

  • Were you a student during the winter academic term (January-April 2022)?
  • During the winter term, did you attend the University of Ottawa, Carleton University, Université Saint-Paul or Algonquin College?
  • Did you receive a U-Pass for the winter term?

If you answered yes to all of these, you are eligible to receive a no-charge QR code pass for the month of May!

How do you get a pass?

On-campus outreach dates for pass distribution have now ended. For assistance, please contact

How do you use the pass?

Scan the QR code pass on the barcode reader at fare gates. On an OC Transpo bus, show both the new pass and your U-Pass smartcard photo to the bus operator, who will confirm the validity. The pass holder will need to present a valid pass and U-Pass photo smartcard upon request of a Transit Fare Enforcement Officer or Special Constable. The pass is non-transferable and must be used solely by the registered holder.

For more information about these no-charge May passes for U-Pass holders, please call 613-560-5000.