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Pilot Project for Operator Barriers

Pilot Project for Operator Barriers

Our mandate is to provide safe and courteous transit for both our riders and Bus Operators. As part of our commitment to safety, we are participating in a 1 year pilot project to install Operator Barriers on 12 of our buses. Several Transit agencies across North America are installing Operator Barriers to reduce potential risks to the driver without compromising on comfort and quality service for the rider.

Installation of barriers will begin April 23rd, so our riders may begin to see buses with the below pictured Operator barriers. They will consist of a metal and plastic frame with clear glass slider window.

Bus operator shield

Operator barriers will:

  • Restrict intentional or unintentional access by customers to the operator's area
  • Provide enhanced protection and improved safety
  • Allow for the continued delivery of high quality customer service that our customers are used to receiving

The goal of the product testing is to gather information about:

  • Effectiveness of the barrier system as a safety tool
  • Any visual hazards presented by the barrier such as glare or light reflection, its impact on airflow and operator ergonomics
  • Feedback from bus operators and maintenance staff
  • Passenger feedback and any impact on customer service