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Unlimited no-charge transit in December

Man with a mask standing on a train platform. Image text: Unlimited No-Charge Transit. December 1 to 31.

All OC Transpo or Para Transpo trips will be offered at no charge throughout December.

How will no-charge transit work?

All fare gates will be open starting Dec. 1. Presto readers on buses will be covered.  You can still load your e-Purse in December for future trips.

All Para Transpo trips, including rural trips, will be booked at no charge. There is no longer a four-trip daily limit for Para Transpo bookings.

December monthly passes will not be sold. Presto Autorenew customers will be charged one cent (1 ¢) to maintain their subscription. This charge will be credited back to their Presto card.

If you normally purchase an OC Transpo monthly pass or if you have a U-Pass you can board STO buses with no additional fare required.  If you do not normally purchase an OC Transpo monthly pass, you will need to pay on the STO bus.

In the rare event you are charged for a trip in December, we will credit your Presto card by mid-January. If you have not received your refund by then, please call Customer Service at 613‑560‑5000.  

We will not charge school boards for Presto cards provided for December.

U-Pass institutions will not be charged for December. Each institution will determine any rebates owed to students.

Fares will return on Jan. 1, 2022 (at 3 am). January passes will go on sale in mid-December as usual.

Have questions about unlimited no-charge transit for December?

Check out the Unlimited No-Charge December FAQ or contact us for assistance.