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Upcoming Changes to Bus Service

March 29

Effective tomorrow March 30, schedules will be adjusted on all bus routes. Please note the following key points:

  • Service continues to be provided to all essential services and neighbourhoods;
  • Most routes are adjusted to provide Saturday service levels on weekdays;
  • Routes that do not normally run on Saturdays, such as some Connexion routes, will run at modified service levels;
  • Some routes are enhanced with extra trips and frequency adjustments; and,
  • On many routes, the first trip in the morning will be later than usual.

OC Transpo will be monitoring the adjusted transit service. As tomorrow will be the first day of the revised schedules, we know that there will be situations and comments that arise and that further service adjustments may be needed in the days to come.

We will be prioritizing changes that keep sufficient space available on buses and changes that address travel needs to essential services based on staff and customer feedback.

Our operators will be reporting instances where buses are full to the point that safe physical distancing is not being achieved on board or where buses are full to the point that customers are choosing to wait for the next trip. We have the possibility to increase capacity on trips by adding additional buses or by assigning a larger bus to a trip. Spare buses will be strategically placed across the city for deployment should situations arise where safe physical distancing may not be possible.

As this situation evolves, we appreciate the patience and cooperation of our customers as we continue to adjust our service. For more information on the March 30 bus service adjustment, please visit the March 30 Service Change page.