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Update: Masks on transit

Image - Update: Masks on transit

As part of the recovery plan developed in response to ongoing changes to transportation due to Covid-19, OC Transpo made the wearing of face masks mandatory in all stations and OC Transpo vehicles starting on June 15.

To help smooth the transition, OC Transpo began giving out free masks on June 15 at many O-Train and Transitway stations. This mask distribution was initially set to run for about one week, but due to the excellent response we have received from customers, free mask distribution has been extended until the end of July.

Volunteer wearing a mask and PPE, handing out masks

As an added service for customers, from July 13-17 the United Way East Ontario made cloth reusable masks available at some of our busier stations. Proceeds from those sales are helping to provide masks to those most vulnerable in our city, which includes low income families.

Volunteer wearing mask and PPE with clipboard

With the distribution of free disposable masks and the United Way mask sales coming to an end, we encourage customers who haven’t yet acquired a cloth mask to do so before they travel on OC Transpo. If customers are unable to purchase their own masks, they can call 3-1-1 or email the Human Needs Task Force at to find out how to get one. Masks will continue to be mandatory until Ottawa Public Health advises otherwise.