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Updated on May 24, 2024
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Riders are going to be using new stations and trains to get across the city once the O-Train extensions are complete.

To help familiarize riders with new and updated facilities, we're creating 360° virtual tours of every station and train that will be used on the new lines.

Take a look at what's available so far, and click through to learn about features and layouts.

O-Train Extension project overview

An immersive transit experience

How to get started

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Icon representing virtual tours
 Explore the station with ease

Click around with your mouse or tap on your screen to navigate. For different views, use the icons on the bottom left.

Icon highlighting station features
 Learn about features

Discover detailed info by clicking on the red and white 'O' icons throughout the station.

Icon for pre-opening sneak peeks
Pre-opening sneak peeks

These virtual tours were recorded during
construction, so expect some temporary elements like missing signs or construction barriers, which will be gone once the station opens.

Loading bar icon for tour loading times
 Loading time

After pressing 'Play', please wait momentarily for the tour to load completely for an uninterrupted experience.

Explore the trains

Step aboard new & old trains designed for your comfort.

Explore the O-Train South extension

Line 2 Station tours

Bayview - Limebank

Line 4 Station tours

Airport - South Keys

Connections Move You.

Stay in the know

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