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R2 replacement bus service

What is R2 service?

R2 symbol

When the O-Train is not running during regular Line 2 hours, R2 bus service may operate. R2 buses serve all Line 2 stations and only make limited stops along the way. If Line 2 is partially closed, R2 service may run only along the closed portion. ­ We will notify you in advance of any planned rail maintenance or construction. 

(full route)

R2 service runs between South Keys and Bayview stations.

Buses serve all Line 2 stations and a few other stops along the way. 

Line 2 map

R2 Bus stops

R2 Bayview

Stop location Stop number
South Keys 2A Get schedule for stop 3038
Greenboro 2A Get schedule for stop 3037
Walkley 2A Get schedule for stop 3036
Heron 2A and 3A Get schedule for stop 3035
Heron at Data Centre Get schedule for stop 1123
Carleton University (University Road and Gymnasium stops) Get schedule for stop 5813
Get schedule for stop 6610
Carling Station (Preston at Carling) Get schedule for stop 6657
Preston at Gladstone Get schedule for stop 6652
Bayview Station Get schedule for stop  3060

R2 South Keys

Stop location Stop number
Bayview A Get schedule for stop 3060
Preston at Balsam Get schedule for stop 2538
Carling Station (Preston at Adeline) Get schedule for stop 6655
Carleton University (Campus Road and University Road stops) Get schedule for stop 6610
Get schedule for stop 5813
Heron at Bronson ramp (Southbound only to South Keys) Get schedule for stop 1004
Heron 4A and 1A Get schedule for stop 3035
Walkley 1A Get schedule for stop 3036
Greenboro 1A Get schedule for stop 3037
South Keys 1D Get schedule for stop 3038


R2 service matches Line 2 frequency.

When R2 service is in effect, buses run approximately* every:

Weekdays Saturdays Sundays
  • 12 minutes for most of the day
  • 10 minutes during the busiest morning/afternoon hour
  • 15 minutes after 9 pm
  • 12 minutes for most of the day
  • 15 minutes after 9 pm
  • 15 minutes

*Frequency increases for the Carleton University fall/winter terms. Service is slightly reduced in the spring and summer.


R2 schedules are only available for planned Line 2 outages. We will notify you in advance of the shutdown and let you know the schedules are available.

Bus route schedules iconGet Route Schedules

Stop schedules iconLookup the schedules for R2 bus stops

Real-time departures

For GPS-adjusted trip times:

  • Use the Next Departures tool on our home page
  • Text your stop number to 560560
  • Call 613-560-1000 and enter your stop number
  • Use a mobile transit app

Unplanned Line 2 disruptions

If R2 is suddenly deployed, our information systems will not be able to give schedules. We will provide service updates and information: