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Service adjustments

To prepare for increased ridership and normal seasonal service levels, additional health and safety measures come into effect Monday, June 15.

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to change rapidly. Ottawa Public Health (OPH) recommends that Ottawans strengthen their physical distancing measures and avoid gatherings of all sizes and non-essential travel outside the home. At the same time, OPH acknowledges that there are essential services – including public transit – that must continue to allow the city to function.

Modified schedules on most routes

Get your reduced service Travel Plan

After closely reviewing ridership during the Covid-19 pandemic, we continue to monitor and adjust service across the network to reflect lower customer volumes. Service will be maintained to all neighbourhoods and essential services. The new levels also leave space for physical distancing.

We are reaching out to staff and customers for feedback on the March 30 service changes. In response to your feedback, we are adding new service on some routes. We will continue collecting feedback and adjusting service as necessary to ensure that our customers and staff can travel safely.

Plan your trip in advance as service adjustments may result in changes to your regular trip times.

Boarding adjustments

O-Train Line 1 and 2

Train doors closest to the operator cab are closed. Customers with bicycles should use the next closest door.

The doors closest to Line 1 and 2 operator cabs are temporarily closed.

  • We have installed tape to block the doors and area closest to the operator cab from the rest of the train;
  • Prominent signage is placed on the doors closest to the operator cab at both ends of the train to inform customers of the change;
  • Customers are still be able to use Cooperative seating areas in all parts of the train;
  • Customers with bicycles should use the next closest door at the front of the train; and,
  • Bicycle stickers are placed on the appropriate door.


Rear-door boarding on all buses. Customers with accessibility and Cooperative Seating requirements may board at the front door.

Customers are asked to board and exit using the back doors only.

  • Customers with accessibility and Cooperative Seating requirements may board at the front;
  • Please do not approach operators;
  • Cash fares and paper transfers will not be accepted from customers boarding at the rear of the bus; and,
  • Due to the configuration of some of the buses in our fleet, some customers will not be able to tap their Presto cards when they board.

Para Transpo service

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Customer Service Centres are closed

For the health and safety of our customers and staff, all OC Transpo Customer Service Centres (CSC) and ServiceOttawa Client Service Centres are temporarily closed as of Tuesday, March 17.

During this time, Ticket Machines, Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaws store locations, as well as are alternatives for most transactions. ParaPay accounts can be loaded by phone (613-741-4390) or online.

Below are different ways you can purchase or renew transit products:


Purchase, load, and query a Presto card at:

Set up auto-renew or an e-purse top up online at

Discounted fares

Senior and youth fares can be set at Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaws locations.

New applications and renewals for the EquiPass and Community Pass discount programs can be submitted by postal mail or fax. If your eligibility for the EquiPass and Community Pass expired between February 1 and July 31, 2020 and you have not already renewed your discount, it will be renewed to August 15.

To renew your discount, you will need to:

Access Pass discounts will not be automatically renewed. To renew your eligibility for this discount, submit a new Access Pass application by postal mail or fax.

For renewal applications that have been declined, the discount will not be renewed.

Read more about discounted fare applications and eligibility


To set up ParaPay, call 613-741-4390.

Load your ParaPay account:

  • By phone 613-741-4390
  • Online at
  • By mail:
    • Write cheque to “City of Ottawa”, and include your Client ID and name in the memo field
      Mail cheque to: City of Ottawa, Attn: Para Transpo, 925 Belfast Road, Ottawa ON K1G 0Z4


To request a new or replacement a-card, please contact our Accessibility Specialist:

Lost & Found

Until further notice, OC Transpo Lost & Found, managed by Heartwood House, has made the following changes:

  • New office hours: Monday to Friday 9 am to 2 pm. Calls will only be accepted during these hours.
  • The public is no longer allowed to visit the office. You can pick up urgently needed items (wallet, purse, work device and medication) by appointment. To book a time:
  • All other items will be held in storage until it is safe to resume normal operations. In the meantime, you can call to have your name placed on your item.

Visit for more information