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Better Bus Stops Project: Innes Rd. (Blackburn Hamlet)

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We are reviewing the stop locations on Innes Rd. in Blackburn Hamlet and want to know what you think. 

Better Bus Stops Project: Innes Rd. (Blackburn Hamlet)

The changes will provide customers who travel along this route with:

  • Faster travel times
  • More reliable trips
  • Improved comfort

Bus stop changes

Walking distances to bus stops

The bus stop changes are in line with our goal to provide access to transit within a 400 m (or 5-minute) walk.

  • Some customers will have a slightly shorter walk
  • Some customers will have a slightly longer walk


All new stop locations feature accessible boarding and alighting areas. Some stops will receive upgraded passenger waiting areas for improved maneuverability of persons using strollers or mobility aids. These changes will also facilitate the deployment of bus ramps.

Customer safety & comfort

All bus stops along the corridor benefit from streetlights on Innes Road and are located in highly visible locations with amenities such as benches and shelters. Illuminated bus shelters also provide additional ambient lighting at bus stops. New shelters will be installed at some stop locations to improve customer comfort.

Give feedback on this project

The Better Bus Stops Project works with neighbourhoods to improve the location and accessibility of bus stops and shelters. Walking distance, trip reliability, and customer comfort and safety influence the location of bus stops along the route.

Please tell us what you think by completing the form below.