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Better Bus Stops Project: Sunnyside

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We are reviewing the routing and associated bus stops on eastbound Route 7 St-Laurent between Sunnyside/Seneca and Sunnyside/Bank, and want to know what you think. 

As part of the Integrated Road Project planned on Grove and Grosvenor later this year, Route 7 St-Laurent will require a detour via Sunnyside Avenue. We are exploring the possibility of making this routing adjustment permanent following the completion of the Integrated Road Project.

The routing adjustment would provide customers who travel along this route with:

  • Faster travel times
  • More reliable trips
  • Easier and more predictable travel planning with service on Sunnyside in both directions

Bus stop changes

Currently, there are a total of six eastbound bus stops between Seneca St and Bank St. Service at these stops will be consolidated to two new bus stop locations at Sunnyside/ Leonard and Sunnyside/ Grosvenor. With the proposed routing adjustment, bus stops for Route 7 in both directions would be located on Sunnyside Avenue.

  • Some customers will have a slightly shorter walk
  • Some customers will have a slightly longer walk
Stop Change

#6737 -- Seneca (west-side) / Glen

Remove. Nearest service at #6683 -- Sunnyside (south-side) / Seneca.

#6738 -- Grove (south-side) / Seneca

Consolidated and located at Sunnyside (south-side) / Leonard.

#6685 -- Grove (south-side) / Leonard

#6686 -- Grove (south-side) / Grovesnor

Consolidated and located at Sunnyside (south-side) / Grovesnor.

#6687 -- Grove (south-side) / Bank

#2414 -- Bank (west-side) / Belmont

Remove. Nearest service at #7655 - Bank (east-side) / Sunnyside.


Map of proposed new stops for Route 7 St-Laurent along Sunnyside Avenue between Seneca and Bank streets.


All new stop locations will feature accessible boarding and alighting areas and will facilitate the deployment of bus ramps.

Faster and more reliable trips

Service at six eastbound bus stops would be consolidated to two new bus stop locations and would help reduce travel times and improve reliability.

Additionally, Route 7 St-Laurent currently makes a left turn from Grove Avenue eastbound to Bank St northbound. The intersection of Bank/Grove is unsignalized, and results is delays to transit service as buses are required to wait for gaps in traffic on Bank St to complete the turn. The proposed routing via Sunnyside would make use of a traffic signal to assist with making the left turn onto Bank St, and would reduce transit delays and travel time variability.

Give feedback on this project

The Better Bus Stops Project works with neighbourhoods to improve transit travel times, service reliability and accessibility.

Customers have the opportunity to provide feedback on this proposal by completing the form below.