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My trip

Most customers will use the O-Train Confederation Line and a connecting bus route in their daily travel. Stations are designed for convenient and effortless transfers. Bus routes are organized for frequent, quick connections to the train. The O-Train is adapted for all weather conditions and will use a dedicated rail corridor, away from traffic, construction, accidents and other day-to-day causes for delays, making scheduled travel times more reliable than today.

Passengers arriving at a train station

Bus, bike, walk, ride

  • Direct bus service to the train from every neighbourhood
  • Bicycle parking in stations

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Passengers transferring between train and bus

Fare-paid zone at major connecting stations

  • No need to go through the fare gate
  • O-Train arrives every 5 minutes or less at peak times

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building and persons schematics

One-bus connection to the O-Train

  • Rapid route connections from Park & Ride lots
  • Connexion routes close to home
  • Many Local routes extended to connect to the train

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Bus with image text: My route

Upcoming changes

  • Simplified routing
  • New route numbers
  • Convenient connections to the O-Train

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Image text: Frequent, reliable service

2.5 km downtown tunnel 

  • Dedicated rail corridor
  • 25 min end-to-end travel time, at any time of day
  • Train arrives every 5 min or less

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Passengers preparing to board a bus

More than 100 routes connect to Line 1

  • Most trips will use bus and train
  • Rapid routes connect from Park & Ride lots and Transitway stations
  • Rapid, Frequent and most Local routes connect 7 days a week

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