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Connecting bus routes

Passengers preparing to board a bus

More than 100 routes connect to Line 1

  • Most trips will use bus and train
  • Rapid routes connect from Park & Ride lots and Transitway stations
  • Rapid, Frequent and most Local routes connect 7 days a week

Making connections will be a key part of the new transit service network, with most customers using both a train and a bus on their daily trip. Many riders will connect to the Confederation Line (Line 1) at Blair, Hurdman, or Tunney’s Pasture stations. With trains arriving every 5 minutes or less at rush hour and very frequently throughout the day, waiting time will be minimal.

More than one hundred routes will connect to the Confederation Line

Many customers will travel by bus to connect with the Confederation Line at Blair, Hurdman or Tunney’s Pasture stations. Société de transport de l’Outaouais (STO) routes will connect to the Confederation Line at Lyon or Parliament stations.

You will be able to ride a Rapid bus route from a suburban Park & Ride lot, or catch a Connexion route at a bus stop close to home. In many neighbourhoods, Local routes will also provide a direct connection to the train. Connexion service to/from the Confederation Line will also be available at 10 rural Park & Ride lots.

  • 11 Rapid routes
  • 17 Frequent routes
  • 36 Connexion routes
  • 48 Local routes

Bus routes numbered 5 through 99, and Connexion routes numbered in the 200s, will all connect to the Confederation Line. If in doubt — destination names will be clearly marked on all bus stop signs.

Connecting stations by service area

Connect easily inside the fare-paid zone

Connecting Line 1 stations


Bayview Carleton University
Dow's Lake
Confederation Heights employment area
Greenboro and South Keys
Blair La Cité
Blackburn Hamlet
Montfort Hospital
Hurdman Ottawa Hospital Riverside Campus
Ottawa Hospital General Campus
Ottawa International Airport
EY Centre
Greenboro and South Keys
Billings Bridge
Confederation Heights employment area
Lees Saint Paul University
Lyon STO service
Parliament Lansdowne Park
Some STO service
Pimisi Gatineau (OC Transpo service)
Rideau Vanier
St-Laurent Vanier
Tunney's Pasture Algonquin College
Carling Campus
Kanata North Business Park
Lincoln Fields
Canadian Tire Centre
Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre
Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus
Queensway Carleton Hospital
Centrepointe Theatre

Park & Ride connections

16 Park & Ride lots across the city will have all-day Rapid bus route connections to the Confederation Line (Line 1).

Park & Ride to Confederation Line connections
Rapid route connections from Park & Ride lots

Connections with STO

We have been working with the Société de transport de l’Outaouais (STO) on service adjustments that will allow us to continue to ensure a seamless interprovincial transit experience. The following changes will be made to STO service in downtown Ottawa when the O-Train Confederation Line light rail service begins:

  • STO routes will be relocated away from Wellington and Rideau streets between Bank and Waller streets
  • All STO routes into downtown Ottawa will allow for a connection with the O-Train Confederation Line at Lyon Station
  • STO’s all-day routes and a limited number of peak-only routes will continue to operate via Slater and Albert streets to the Mackenzie King Bridge, Laurier Avenue and Waller Street
  • Most STO peak-period routes will loop via Bank Street to improve connections between STO and OC Transpo bus service and to provide a second connection with the O-Train Confederation Line at Parliament Station
  • These changes will improve connectivity between OC Transpo and STO service and will conveniently bring customers within a short walk of downtown destinations 

With the O-Train Confederation Line’s underground tunnel serving the downtown core, Albert and Slater streets will no longer be major transit corridors and there will be a significant reduction in bus traffic.
OC Transpo and the STO will continue to have fare integration – customers who start their trip on one system can continue on the other without needing to pay another fare.

Confederation Line stations that will connect to the STO system

  • All STO routes into downtown Ottawa will connect to the O-Train Confederation Line at Lyon Station
  • Most peak-only STO routes will also connect to the O-Train Confederation Line at Parliament Station