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New service map

Transit routes operating after O-Train Line 1 is open.

New service map

PDF map


Route schedules are being finalized in the next few weeks. As soon as they are available, timetables will be published here using the Route Timetable and Stop Schedule pages.

Travel Planner

When route schedules are finalized, they will be used to activate the Travel Planner, so you will be able to determine exact travel times and the best routing for your trips.

School service

School routes numbered in the 600s and school trips on local bus routes are not shown in the maps and station diagrams. Information about these routes and any changes to current school service will be provided in the upcoming weeks.

Overnight service and early-morning routes

Overnight, when O-Train Line 1 is not running, several Rapid bus routes will be extended to Rideau Station, and will provide service to all Line 1 stations en route. Maps and schedules for these trips will be provided in the upcoming weeks.

Event service

Event routes numbered in the 400s and 450s are not shown on the new maps and station diagrams. Plans for these routes are being finalized but the routing will not change significantly from the current Event service when Line 1 begins operation. Maps will be updated with this information later in the fall.