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Image text: New stations

Distinctive, inviting architecture

  • Spacious, open-concept design
  • Comfortable, secure waiting areas
  • Ticket machines and fare gates
  • Digital departure screens

Thirteen new multimodal O-Train stations will open along the Confederation Line. Most customers will use these stations every day in their transit journey. Each station's architecture and visual identity will be an impressive and exciting addition to the Ottawa landscape.

Downtown O-Train stations (Lyon, Parliament and Rideau) will be below ground. They will provide a very different experience compared to today’s bus service.

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Ready for Rail 360-Degree Tour of Lyon Station

OC Transpo’s Ready for Rail 360-degree tour of Lyon Station is your first look at one of O-Train Line 1, the Confederation Line’s 13 stations.

Using the tour is simple: you can use your mouse to travel through the interior and change levels by clicking the station level guide in the bottom left corner. To read more about station features, click on the red and white ‘O’ button, seen throughout the station.

Tour was filmed in December 2018.

Fencing will be removed prior to opening to the public.

Please allow some time for the tour to load after pressing the play button.

Visit our Lyon Station page for accessible information about the features and services available at this station.


June 2018

Check out how things are progressing along the O-Train Confederation Line! Our new video shows a bird's-eye view of the LRT stations in June.

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