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Tips to help you ride safely every step of your journey:

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Campaign ad: Tell us what you saw not who you are. Report online, anonymous submissions accepted.

Report an incident online

Look for Passenger Assistance Alarms (PAAs) on articulated (long) buses and double-deckers!

Use the PAA to tell the operator about an emergency at the back of the bus or on the top deck. When an alarm button is pushed, the operator will:

  1. Let the control centre know
  2. Stop the bus when it is safe to do so
  3. Make an announcement over the PA system to let customers know the PAA has been activated and that the bus must be stopped and the situation investigated
  4. Invite anyone with information about the situation to come forward

Safe Stop

Image text: Safe Stop with the image of a clock displaying 7 PM After 7 pm, you can ask the driver to stop at a safe spot along the route closer to your destination. Please exit by the front door.


Image text: Call Transit Law 613-741-2478 TTY 613-842-3699 Transecure With icon of a smart phone

Report an incident to Transit Law

Safety Quiz Q6

Yellow Night stop bus stop sign with Transecure Logo

Some Transitway stations provide Night Stops. This means that after 9 pm all routes will serve only one, centrally located and well-lit stop.
Which Transitway stations have Night Stops?

  • Baseline
  • Billings Bridge
  • Hurdman
  • Lees
  • Lincoln Fields
  • Place d’Orléans
  • South Keys
  • St-Laurent
  • Terry Fox
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TRANSECURE Awards recognize transit employees who put the safety of residents and their community first.

TRANSECURE Awards: Find out more

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