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Updated on May 10, 2024

The O‑Train Extension will transform transit in Ottawa. The project will expand the city's transportation network, reaching more communities farther east, west, and south. This will create a modern and efficient transit system.

The project will also have positive economic, social, and environmental impacts. It will create new business opportunities, jobs, and improve access to education and healthcare. It will reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality, making Ottawa healthier and more sustainable.


The O‑Train network offers a cost-effective and convenient alternative to driving. Train fares match bus prices. Enjoy seamless transfers between trains and buses at no extra cost.

The O‑Train offers a variety of fare options to suit your needs. From single‑ride fares to monthly passes, there's an option for every budget and rider type. Plus, kids 12 and under ride free.

Commuters can also avoid the hassle and expense of parking downtown by using free OC Transpo Park & Ride lots located near several O‑Train stations.

Hop aboard the O‑Train and leave the driving to us while you enjoy a lower cost and convenient way to travel.

Rider taking a U pass out of their bag

Safety & comfort

Rider wearing headphones and looking out the window onboard the O-Train

We ensure every customer journey is safe and secure. Our trains are equipped with emergency intercoms and security cameras.

Stations are well-lit with an open layout. Yellow emergency call boxes are located throughout stations and in each elevator. 

Our dedicated and experienced staff work diligently to keep you safe throughout your journey.

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Keeping you safe at stations

  • Open-concept, well-lit stations with abundant glass and open sightlines
  • Transecure waiting areas with accessible benches, heaters, and information signs
  • Public access defibrillators, emergency phones, and CCTV cameras
  • Tactile warning strips, inter-car barriers, and fencing keep customers safely away from tracks
  • Yellow platform edge indicators and posted safety tips
  • Multiple ways to get help if feeling lost, sick, harassed, or threatened:
    • Approach any employee in uniform (Special Constable, Red Vest staff)
    • Use an emergency phone, information phone or payphone
    • File an anonymous security incident or call the Special Constables Unit at 613-741-2478

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Two riders waiting at the Transecure area for the O-Train

Safety on board

Photo of a Special Constable at the station

All OC Transpo vehicles are designed for your safety and security.

Our experienced and dedicated staff play a crucial role in upholding the highest safety standards on the O Train. They rigorously test and examine each train before putting it in service.

They are constantly working behind the scenes to guarantee a safe and secure ride for all passengers. We’ll get you there with the utmost care!



The O-Train network is designed for comfort. Our trains provide:

  • Various seating options
  • Air conditioning for hot summer days
  • Heating in the winter
  • Large windows that fill the space with natural light
  • LED lights
  • Spacious doors that make boarding smooth and effortless

Stations have heaters in designated areas for cold winter days. Key transfer stations have accessible washrooms. Many stations have free Wi-Fi from TELUS. Free Wi-Fi will be coming to even more stations in the future. You'll also find Happy Goat Coffee Co. at Tunney's Pasture, Hurdman, and Blair stations. 

Stay informed during your ride with our next-stop information screens, conveniently visible from any spot on the train.

Discover all the O‑Train features

Explore new O‑Train stations
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Easier day-to-day travel

The new O‑Train network will make the daily journeys of thousands of customers smoother and faster. With 56.5 km of rail, the O‑Train will serve:

  • Major business and shopping districts like Place d’Orléans, Downtown, Westboro, South Keys and Bayshore
  • Most of our city's universities and colleges: uOttawa, Carleton, Algonquin, and Collège La Cité's Minto Centre
  • The Ottawa Airport
  • VIA Rail station
Two riders sitting in the Cooperative seating area. One rider holding their bike in the Cooperative seating area.

Ensuring a smooth transition after launch

OC Transpo bus infront of Hurdman Station
  • Our New Ways to Bus network is planned to launch following the opening of O-Train Lines 2 and 4 in the South.
  • Parallel bus service will operate alongside Line 2 and 4 as part of the transition to the new network.
  • A Night bus service will operate between South Keys Station and the Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport outside of Line 4 service hours after the transition period is complete.
  • You will be able to choose between the bus or the O-Train during the transition to the new network.
  • We have learned lessons from the launch of Line 1, and we're better equipped to facilitate this transition for our customers.

Stay informed about the future bus service for O-Trains Lines 1 and 3 before they launch. Get updates at


We're committed to providing an accessible and inclusive transit system. Our trains are spacious and comfortable.

If you need assistance or an accommodation, our friendly staff is a click, call or wave away. They are waiting to help you navigate the system and reduce the stress of travelling.

Rider on wheelchair off boarding the O-Train

Inclusive features

Rider sitting on train seat chatting with rider sitting on wheelchair onboard the O-Train

We offer tactile wayfinding and audio announcements to help riders navigate the stations without requiring sight.

Our signage is high-contrast and colour-blind friendly. Elevators and escalators (at some stations) help you move from one level to another.

Trains feature large accessible seating areas.

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Economic booster

Urban projects around O‑Train stations will create jobs and growth in new areas of the city. These developments will include new housing, shops, and services.

The new O‑Train Lines will also improve transit access to areas of the city where service levels are lower. The greater areas of South Keys, Limebank and Greenboro, where many companies, colleges and research centres are already established, will greatly benefit.

Bird's eye photograph of Bayview station and the city of Ottawa

Connected region

Network integration

The O‑Train Extension provides commuters with swift and dependable transportation.

The future network will connect O‑Train lines, bus routes, Para Transpo services, and multi-use pathways around the city. Riders will enjoy a wider range of travel options.

Collage image of the O-Train, bus, electric bus, Paratranspo bus, and OC Transpo's pylon sign

Bus connections

The future O‑Train network will replace multiple bus routes, creating a more unified transportation system.

We're considering every detail to make the new network as seamless as possible, including:

  • New connections
  • On-street stop locations
  • Bus platforms
  • Para Transpo service stops

OC Transpo double decker bus

Plane icon

Connections to VIA Rail and the airport

Train icon

Bus platforms and Para Transpo connections

Train frequency icon

On-street stop locations

Multi-usage pathways iconBridge icon

Connected to paths and pedestrian bridges

Sustainable mobility

Photo of New station ceiling design

Quick facts:

  • We're expanding our network to cut down 900,000 bus trips during peak hours yearly
  • Our efforts will reduce 155,000 tonnes of CO2 in 25 years
  • Reduced vehicle idling across all construction sites
  • Control and monitoring of air quality during construction
  • Wildlife crossing along the South Extension
  • Three bat houses along the O‑Train South Extension
  • Improved connectivity to future stations to encourage active transportation
  • Flood avoidance through the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
  • Spill prevention and countermeasures
  • Prevention of soil erosion and sediment issues

The O‑Train Extension will transform urban transportation. It will offer a greener alternative to daily car use through extensive connections with existing transport networks. The O‑Train will help reduce traffic.

The O‑Train Extension will also promote a healthier lifestyle as new facilities near stations encourage walking and cycling.

Key figures

bus trips converted to rail
Fewer tonnes of CO2
cars off the road

Sustainable construction

All O‑Train Extension operations respect federal, provincial, and local environmental laws and regulations. They also incorporate all reasonable measures to minimize the environmental impact.

  • Tree planting
  • Construction materials handled wisely for less waste and eco-friendliness
  • Planned construction deliveries to reduce trucks and pollution
  • Greenhouse gases cut by 499 metric tonnes of CO2 for East extension
  • Fewer truck trips and shorter distances for moving materials
  • Repurposing and reusing materials near construction zones
  • Constructing a Pinecrest Creek pond to stop flooding and restore the natural beauty of the creek
O-Train rail and multiuser pass way bridge over Rideau canal by Carleton university

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