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Transecure is a community watch program on wheels. OC Transpo employees are the eyes and ears on our roads, looking out for the safety of all people and offering a safe haven in any of our vehicles for anyone who needs it (not only transit riders!).

  • Our employees are trained to respond to safety and security issues like medical emergencies, break-ins, accidents, fires, suspicious situations or any other incidents when someone feels unsafe or threatened
  • We’re on the road 24/7
  • We have as many as 1,000 buses, plus the O-Train, mobile cars and service trucks on street during peak hours
  • We work with emergency services: three police services – Ottawa Police Service, OPP and RCMP as well as Ottawa Fire, Paramedic Services and Transit Special Constables We handle an average of 3 calls a day
    • The Transecure awards recognize employees who provide an outstanding response to safety and security issues

Transecure initiatives

OC Transpo implemented the following security initiatives under the Transecure flagship:

Let OC Transpo Know Campaign

Tell us what you saw not who you are. Report online. Anonymous submissions accepted.

Any incident is one too many, and we continue to encourage our passengers to report any suspicious or criminal behaviour on OC Transpo buses, trains, or anywhere on the transit system to OC Transpo or Ottawa Police Service through the online reporting system or any available channel.

Submit an incident to Transit Law

Night Stop

Many stations have a Night Stop. At these stations, after 9 pm all routes serve the Night Stop. Look for the yellow TRANSECURE logo to know where to catch the bus.

The Night Stop is:

  • Centrally located, in an open area
  • Well-lit
  • Close to emergency call boxes or payphones
TRANSECURE Night Stop Logo
Stations with a Night Stop
Station Night Stop Location
Baseline Stops 1B, 2A
Map of Baseline Station
Billings Bridge Stops 3B, 4C
Map of Billings Bridge Station
Blair Stops B, I
Map of Blair Station
Hurdman Stop A
Map of Hurdman Station
Lincoln Fields Stops 4A, 3B
Map of Lincoln Fields Station
Place d’Orléans Stops 1B, 2A
Map of Place d'Orléans Station
South Keys Stop 1C
Map of South Keys Station
St-Laurent Stop C
Map of St-Laurent Station
Terry Fox Stop 4A
Map of Terry Fox Station
Tunney's Pasture Stop C
Map of Tunney's Pasture Station

Safe Stop

Safe Stop after 7pm

Ask your bus driver!

After 7 pm, you can ask the driver to drop you off at a safe spot along the route closer to your destination. It's as easy as that!