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Kids go free!

Image - Kids go free!

We're excited to introduce to you one more way we’re making transit more convenient and accessible for all ages. 

As of July 1, kids aged 12 and under ride for free on OC Transpo buses, trains and on Para Transpo!

If you’re taking a bus or Para Transpo, simply board without paying a fare. 

If you’re taking O-Train Line 1, you can:

  • Enter at the accessible (wide) fare gate with a fare-paying adult like a parent or guardian.
  • Tap through the fare gate with your Child card or school board issued Presto card, if you have one.

For assistance, please call the video chat agent at the ticket machine or pick up an information phone near the fare gates. 

Text description



Text description


I’m bored. Are you bored?

Two kids sit bored on a step. The boy is named Jules and the girl is named Remi. The children are rendered as cartoons, while the rest of the video is done in live action format. Around them, an atmosphere of a neighbourhood on a nice day. 


I’m — Bo-red. 

Close up shot of both kids, expressing their boredom while still sitting on their front porch. 


We should go somewhere.

Remi has an idea and looks off into the distance. 


I could move over this way a bit.

Jules, somewhat confused, moves away, thinking this is what Remi meant. 


I mean somewhere out there—

Remi stands excitedly and points off screen. 


Like—Mooney’s Bay beach.

Remi is seen thinking of a location to go to. 


Maybe if I ask nicely, mom would let me take the car.

Jules thinks for a moment, and looks at Remi, proposing his idea. 


You’re nine.

Remi snickers, and comments on his age. 



Jules stands and corrects her with a serious look on his face. 


I guess you guys haven’t heard.

Another kid named Nicky rolls in on her wheelchair, she is joined by an owl—both of which are done in an illustrated style. The OC owl wears a t-shirt, which has the OC Transpo logo on it. 


Hey, Nicky.

Heard what?

On OC Transpo—

All three kids can be seen in shot with the owl as they discuss. 


Kids. Go. Free!

Isolated headshot of Nicky, which grows larger with each word spoken.  



Jules’ and Remi’s headshots appear on screen in excitement. 


Kids go free! Kids go free!

Music heightens in a simple and upbeat fashion. Text that reads “Kids go free!” appears on screen, along with an OC Transpo bus and O-Train. The bus horn beep, and the train rings its bell.


On buses and the O-Train, Kids go free!

Large on-screen on a bus door: “On buses and the O-Train, Kids go free!”


Come on, let’s go—we’ve got a city to see.

Aerial view of Ottawa, with O-Train passing by. Another quick shot shows a roadway with traffic on it. Both shots feature lines which trace the edges of scene elements. 


Kids 12 and under ride for free!

Kids 12 and under ride for free!” is written on screen in large text with accent circular shapes around it. 


Use the travel planner to map your trail.

A website screen appears with the OC Transpo travel planner visible. A path leads across the map in a red stroke. 


Tell your parents where you’re going by bus or rail.

Aerial view of a station, featuring buses and a train. 


Say, hey! Got anymore tips for us?

Say, hey!” written in large text appears on screen followed by headshots of Jules and Remi.


Sure do: never chase or try to grab a bus. 

Jules chases a bus with his arm outstretched. A very large ‘X’ appears on screen, indicating that his behaviour is incorrect. 


Shuffle to the back

Remi and Jules can be seen moving to the back of the bus. 


Yeah, we can see it.

Remi and Jules sit at the back of the bus, with the owl between them. All three characters move to the beat. 


Leave room up front for the people who need it.

A shot of a father and his child, along with Nicky in her wheelchair, can be seen in their preferred seating.


When the wheels are rolling, hold on tight.

Remi reaches out and holds onto a handrail while on the bus. 


Pull the cord, push the button when your stop’s in sight.

Split screen view of Remi and Jules pulling a cord and pushing the stop request button on a bus. A bell sound can be heard for each. 


Get your pass card, it’s easy, don’t wait.

Remi raises her hand in excitement, holding an OC Transpo kids pass card. 


Tap your card at the station fare gate.

Card reader jingle plays as a card taps on the sensor. A station fare gates opens, granting access.


On the platform stay behind the yellow line.

Remi and Jules can be seen standing behind the yellow line as the O-Train slows to a stop. 


And wait till you hear that musical sign.

O-Train door chimes, with illustrated musical notes floating through a set of train doors. 


Lost? need help? Talk to one of our team.

Three employees dressed in OC Transpo uniforms pose together alongside the OC owl from the previous scenes. 


Or call customer service at a ticket machine.

Remi can be seen tapping a customer service machine screen, seeking help. 


OC Transpo is the way to go.

An OC Transpo employee in uniform waves to O-Train passengers. A view from inside the cab of an O-Train can be seen as it rides down the rails. Lined accents trace the edges of the train. 


You can even book a ride with Para Transpo.

Close-up of a person using the OC Transpo app to book a ride with Para Transpo. A quick series of shots shows someone in a wheelchair being moves onto the bus by an employee. 


Kids go free! Kids go free!

On OC Transpo, kids go free!

A quick series of O-Train shots can be seen with accented lines tracing their outlines as they move.


Kids go free! Kids go free!

“Kids go free!” is written on screen in large text with accent circular shapes around it.


No cash, that’s cool ‘cause…

Remi’s headshot appears on a simple background as she speaks. 


Kids go free! 

Remi is joined by Jules and Nicky, with similarly excited expression. 


Kids 12 and under travel free on OC Transpo buses, ParaTranspo and the O-Train.


OC owl lands on a tree next to text that reads “Kids 12 and under travel free on OC Transpo.” 


Kids go free!

The previous shot evolves to show all three kids and the owl waving goodbye, along with the OC Transpo logo and text that reads “Find out more at”. The sound of numerous kids saying, “Kids go free!” can be heard. 

Child cards

For children who look older than 12 years of age or regularly travel alone, we recommend getting a child card. This card can be used to tap through O-Train Line 1 fare gates.

Visit the OC Transpo Customer Service Centre at the Rideau Centre to get a Child card. Your child must be present and bring a piece of ID.

Get a child card

Changes to other fare products

Child tickets, child transfers, and child day passes (1 day or multi-day) will no longer be available. Some of our other fare products will also slightly change as a result:

Presto cards

Presto cards set for a child fare will no longer be required. For information on how to refund the balance left on your child Presto card, please visit

Family DayPass

The Family DayPass changes to the 2-for-1 DayPass. Two customers aged 13 or older can take unlimited rides on a single day pass. The 2-for-1 DayPass is available on weekends and statutory holidays.